Award winning Health Hero and CyberCare to become telehealth partners while Syzex selects CyberCare as telehealth service provider

Boynton Beach 04 October 2001CyberCare Inc. has signed two agreements, one with Syzex Corporation, a Tennessee-based virtual private network company for medical facilities, and another one with Health Hero Network Inc., a Californian developer and marketer of a technology platform for remote patient communications, monitoring, and care management. Syzex will market the CyberCare System products and services to its clients, whereas Health Hero Network executed a global licensing and development contract to incorporate its technology platform into the CyberCare System network services and family of products. Together with Health Hero Network, CyberCare also received an award given jointly by the Association of Telehealth Service Providers (ATSP) and the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) for advancing excellence in the telehealth industry.


Syzex will use CyberCare as its exclusive telehealth service provider for all business affiliations, including home health agencies; skilled-nursing, assisted-living and hospice facilities; medical clinics; and other health care programmes which it operates or manages. In addition, Syzex has the exclusive right to provide video conferencing to over 330 hospitals in 44 states across the United States, including hospitals from the chains of Hospital Corporation of America, Tenet Hospital Systems, Daughters of Charity hospitals, as well as other not-for-profit hospital groups.

"Add Syzex' knowledge base in health care and its insight into telehealth applications to its extensive body of clients and CyberCare has an extremely viable partner", stated Michael Lemnitzer, vice president of business development for CyberCare. In conjunction with AT&T, Syzex is designing highly reliable, secure data connections with end-to-end management for mission-critical health care applications. This service includes provisioning, premises equipment, installation and proactive circuit monitoring. Several topologies are integrated into a consistent network infrastructure to provide a common connection platform for health care facilities, as well as Associate Solution Providers.

In turn, Health Hero has developed a Web-based tool with clinically proven disease management content programmes that allows health care companies to deliver improved patient outcomes at lower costs. Based on the agreement, CyberCare intends to market an Electronic HouseCall product powered by the Health Hero technology to be called the EHC 1000, which will add qualitative assessment capability to the Electronic HouseCall family of products. Utilising patented technology for remote monitoring and real time interactive communications between chronically ill patients and their providers, CyberCare's Electronic HouseCall System allows for effective and efficient data collection, case management, and personal interaction.

On October 2, at the Association of Telehealth Service Providers' (ATSP) annual conference in Lake Buena Vista, Health Hero received the 2001 Telehealth Award for best telehealth vendor, whereas CyberCare was granted the runner-up award. This was the inaugural year for the award programme, created jointly by ATSP and HIMSS to recognise and honour vendors and providers who have the best practices and are advancing excellence in the telehealth industry.

Announced recently at the 2001 Telehealth Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, Florida, this newly created award recognises the winners' ongoing commitment to offering innovative products and services; improvements in operation efficiencies, cost-effectiveness and quality of care; integration with existing information networks; ease of patient and provider use; excellent customer service; and mentorship within the telehealth industry.

Steve Brown, CEO of Health Hero Network, commented: "We are pleased that CyberCare has selected the Health Hero technology platform to enhance and extend their already powerful telemedicine product line. By licensing our Health Buddy appliance for scripted communication with patients and our care management software for reporting and data management, CyberCare will be able to provide its customers with the industry leading tools for efficient and effective disease management."

Joe Forte, chief operating officer of CyberCare Inc., added: "The integration of this platform into our current network operations and products further expands our offering of a full suite of remote monitoring solutions and services. Access to the Health Hero device and their patented informational pathways will continue to add to our competitive differentiation in the market place while allowing us to prioritise our development dollars in order to get the greatest return for the company."

The Health Hero platform includes iCare Desktop, a Web-based patient management application for health care professionals, patient interfaces such as the Health Buddy appliance, a secure data centre acting as the repository for application services and collected data, and content for more than a dozen major chronic diseases. Health Hero Network licenses its platform to medical technology and services companies seeking a technology blueprint proven to enable better chronic care with lower costs to the health care system. Health Hero Network technology is protected by over 40 issued U.S. patents.

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