First telehealth videophone for homebound elderly patients now available from Motion Media

Las Vegas 15 October 2001Motion Media Technology, an expert in video telephony products for the health care, business, and mass markets, has launched the CareStation 125 at the National Association of Home Care Conference. The industry's first videophone system designed specifically for remote health care, the CareStation 125 is a compact, all-in-one system which allows patients and health care providers to communicate quickly and easily using standard phone lines. The videophone supports real time audio and video communications, and directly connects to hundreds of home monitoring devices, automatically sending patient data to telehealth providers, such as physicians, nurses, home care agencies, HMOs, and case management organisations.


"The number of people who are expected to live into their 90s will double over the next two decades", stated Jay Sanders, MD, Medical Director of Motion Media Technology. "This means that, in the face of tight budgets and shrinking capacity, the medical community must find a way to provide superb medical care and a satisfactory quality of life for its expanding base of elderly patients. Technology has come to our rescue in the form of the CareStation 125. This system will revolutionise medical care by providing a way to remotely monitor, advise, and treat patients."

Designed for applications in community care, emergency services, private hospitals, and intermediate care, the CareStation 125 videophone is as easy to use as a regular phone. It provides a 5-inch square video screen and integrated camera which support high quality video at up to thirty frames per second. A one-button call centre dial-up can link patients directly to their caregiver or nurse-managed call centre. An integrated phone book can be programmed for up to 50 speed dials, making it easy to communicate with family, friends, and social service groups.

TVs, VCRs, DVDs, cameras, and answering machines can be connected to the videophone through separate audio and video ports. In addition, the CareStation's automatic data transmission feature can send information from a wide range of medical equipment to health care providers. Two RS-232 data ports allow the videophone to be connected to EKG monitors, electronic stethoscopes, ECG recorders, and more. This means medical data can be transmitted at the same time as a video call, allowing immediate assessment of the patient.

"The CareStation 125 is the first device to permit more frequent, less costly, live interaction between caregivers and patients", stated Garey De Angelis, CEO of Motion Media Technology. "The implications of such an approach to medical services are large and far-reaching. We now have a way to help the medical community fulfill its obligations to those who are homebound, living in remote areas, or residents of nursing homes. What the modem did for telecommuting, the CareStation will do for telehealth."

For routine check-ups, the CareStation 125 videophone allows a nurse to call a patient to assess the mental and physical status, evaluate outstanding conditions such as wounds, and observe medication compliance. This provides all of the diagnostic information and visual interaction that would occur during a physical visit, with the added advantage of no time lost travelling between patients.

In an emergency situation, such as chest pains in the middle of the night, the patient presses a pre-programmed button on the CareStation to contact the nurse on call. Readings from electronic medical devices are displayed in a window on the nurse's screen. The doctor evaluates this data and speaks directly to the patient, making a crucial decision about whether to call an ambulance or treat the patient with additional medication. In many cases, unnecessary emergency room visits can be avoided.

The CareStation 125 is priced starting at $1495 and is available as of October 30, 2001, from Motion Media Technology. The company provides a full range of affordable, easy to use products with outstanding video and audio quality, including desktop videophones, group video conferencing systems, and remote surveillance systems. The company provides innovative and practical solutions for business and visual communications, telehealth and home care, security and surveillance, and distance learning and training.

Leslie Versweyveld

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