and Philips Medical partner to expand disease management tool with home monitoring

New York 15 November Inc., a subsidiary of Global Med Technologies Inc., an e-Health medical information technology company, signed an agreement with Philips Medical Systems, a division of Royal Philips Electronics, allowing both companies to promote the combined solution of's Web-based disease management system and Philips' wireless in-home monitoring solution, Interactive Healthcare Services (IHS).


Managed Care Organisations and at-risk employers will use the Web-based solution to gather and manage important patient information, all of which will be collected by Philips' IHS devices and transmitted via modem to the desktops of care providers for review. The newly combined disease management solution will assist care providers in pro-actively intervening when a chronically ill patient's vital signs fall outside of pre-determined parameters. This early intervention is expected to reduce hospitalisations and emergency department visits for the chronically ill, while improving the quality of patient care.

Managed Care Organisations use's products as a way of managing and monitoring patients who suffer from one or more chronic illnesses. can effectively merge treatment protocols so that comorbidities are managed as one complex disease, as well as identify and initiate interventions. offers its solution as an Application Service Provider (ASP), collecting, storing and managing patient information in a database for Managed Care Organisations.

Managed Care Organisations, disease management companies, and other health care providers use Philips' IHS to assist in the management of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). Philips' IHS includes wireless, vital-sign devices which allow patients to gather daily measurements in their homes that are critical to the ongoing management of CHF, including weight, blood pressure, pulse, and ECG rhythm. A "home hub" collects patient data and automatically and securely transmits the information over a phone line to a care co-ordinator for review. The system also automatically flags patients whose daily measurements fall outside of pre-established limits, allowing for fast and efficient follow-up.

"This agreement is another example of the commitment to quality, service, and performance that and Philips provide their customers", stated Michael I. Ruxin, M.D., Chairman and CEO of Global Med Technologies Inc. "Our target markets are very similar, and the joint marketing of our state-of-the-art products will potentially result in increased opportunities for both companies."

"Through this agreement, our companies will be able to offer a specialised set of tools to organisations looking for a comprehensive CHF disease management solution", stated Greg Sebasky, Vice President and General Manager of e-Care Services within Philips Medical Systems. "Utilising the combined solution will give care providers quick access to a patient's history and current condition, optimising effective decision making, preventing clinical errors, improving efficiency, and providing early intervention into the chronic disease process. As a result, patient care is improved, clinician productivity is increased, and costs for HMOs and others can be substantially reduced."

More news about is available in the VMW August 2001 article Global Med divisions Wyndgate and Peoplemed sign hospital contracts for transfusion and disease management services.

Leslie Versweyveld

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