Agfa integrates VIDAR film digitisers into IMPAX TS 5 Transmit and Preview Station

Herndon 12 November 2001Agfa has chosen DiagnosticPRO plus and SIERRA plus film digitisers, developed by VIDAR Systems Corporation, for use in Agfa's IMPAX TS 5 Transmit and Preview Station. The IMPAX station combines the functions of film scanning, display, preview and send, and enables film acquisition and distribution to Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS).


The TS 5 uses the DICOM communication standard for transmitting images and provides connectivity to the Hospital Information and Radiology Information Systems (HIS/RIS) for demographic data. It is capable of scanning conventional X-Ray films as well as multi-slice Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance, and UltraSound (CT/MR/US) films. It temporarily stores the digitised films, and offers easy to use functions for selecting scanning parameters, image display, preview and image transmission.

According to Brian Beardslee, vice president of VIDAR's Medical Business, "the addition of VIDAR's DiagnosticPRO plus and SIERRA plus digitisers to Agfa's Impax Station helps to provide Agfa customers with affordable film digitisers which are crucial for their PACS image acquisition and distribution functions. VIDAR digitisers deliver superior image quality, reliability, durability, and significantly lower life cycle costs due to their lower purchase price and maintenance-free operation."

The digitisers feature the latest version of VIDAR's proprietary High Definition CCD (HD-CCD) technology and Automatic Digitiser Calibration (ADC) feature, resulting in images which exceed the American College of Radiology practice guidelines for picture archiving and communication systems and remote primary diagnosis.

Richard Jung, Product Manager for Agfa stated: "Agfa is committed to ensuring that our PACS Systems include digitisers that are high quality, low cost, and maintenance-free. We selected the VIDAR digitisers because of their excellent image quality and high reliability. They provide a very compact, cost-effective solution for our customers."

The vertical footprints of VIDAR's digitisers save nearly 50 percent of the space required by tabletop digitisers, and VIDAR's SIERRA even offers the flexibility to be wall mounted, if desired. The design of VIDAR's digitisers eliminates film jams and saves thousands of dollars each year in scanner calibration costs.

Agfa solutions have helped radiologists for 15 years, and over 7000 radiologists and 1800 hospitals and imaging centres use Agfa image management, tele-radiology and Web solutions to manage images and grow their practices. Agfa's smart, affordable solutions significantly improve how radiologists, technologists, referring physicians, and other health care professionals use and share medical images and related information.

VIDAR Systems Corporation, a privately held technology company, is a manufacturer of X-Ray film digitisers and advanced solutions for medical markets. VIDAR's family of film digitisers serves the PACS, remote primary diagnosis, tele-radiology, telemedicine, mammography, and oncology markets. VIDAR has an installed base of over 7000 units, and its digitisers are the choice of more than 100 systems solution providers worldwide.

More information on VIDAR is available in the VMW September 2001 article Zmed imaging solutions for radiation oncology and neuroscience benefit from VIDAR film digitisers. If you like to have further details on the Agfa Impax solution, please read the VMW November 2000 article Agfa to deliver PACS solutions to Norwegian and German hospitals.

Leslie Versweyveld

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