Visualising medical documents becomes easy with CS-Odessa's ConceptDraw MEDICAL

Odessa 23 November 2001Computer Systems Odessa Corp., a Ukraine-based software developer, has released ConceptDraw MEDICAL, a special branch-oriented edition of ConceptDraw Professional, a software for business and technical diagramming. The product is based on its powerful vector drawing engine. ConceptDraw MEDICAL is a cross-platform application for illustrating, visualising and demonstrating medical documents.


ConceptDraw MEDICAL is a graphics programme which provides the user with a quick and simple way to draw up the necessary medical flow charts, diagrams, schemes, and patterns. ConceptDraw MEDICAL is a must-have type of application for immunology laboratories, staff members of medical institutions and clinical personnel, medical research centres, national laboratories, medical managers, legal nurse consultants, educators and students, and a lot more people specialised in health care.

ConceptDraw MEDICAL comes with more then 120 libraries and 3000 objects. Its medical libraries offer more than 400 task-related objects. The software contains also a set of images on different medical topics including the skeletal, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, genital, muscular, nervous, and sensory structures and many more. The users can create ready-to-use templates that will considerably speed up carrying out the tasks.

ConceptDraw MEDICAL constitutes the ideal solution when preparing PowerPoint presentations. Created documents can be exported to HTML, and then posted on the Web. The application comes with a wide range of tools for dimensioning, alignment, and distribution of objects.

The programme supports the most popular graphic formats, such as PICT, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, etc. ConceptDraw documents can be seamlessly opened and manipulated across Macintosh and Windows platforms. The files can be shared with MS Visio owners using the on-line conversion service or locally on a computer which has Visio installed.

The programme is available at the price of $249. The special academic price for ConceptDraw MEDICAL is $149. ConceptDraw is fully compatible across the Windows and Macintosh platforms. The software comes with over 1800 pre-drawn objects, allows for user-programmed objects, is controlled by formulas, can process hyperlinks assigned to objects and text, supports most popular graphic formats, and allows to publish documents on the Web.

Leslie Versweyveld

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