Genias Benelux launches G-VMP Standard - Set up your magazine or newsletter in 30 minutes

Almere 21 November 2001Genias Benelux bv, an XML software specialist, has released the Standard Edition of its popular XML-based G-VMP Virtual Media Publisher system for editing and managing magazines and newsletters. G-VMP Standard is the first affordable content management system of its kind. Up to now, you had to pay over 25.000 euro for such a system. G-VMP Standard Edition sells for 250 euro, bringing it in the range of everyone who needs to publish a magazine or newsletter.


There are many organisations and people who regularly produce news magazines and newsletters. Not only the professional publishers, but also societies, schools, marketing organisations, industry groups and many more institutions that publish newsletters. Until now, they could choose between using a wordprocesser or html editor, with the drawback that the content and lay-out are not seperated, making redesign or reuse a tedious task, or buying a full-blown content management system, that costs ten thousands of euros.

Genias' Virtual Media Publisher, G-VMP, Standard Edition has been designed to fill the gap. Derived from the professional G-VMP Pro, it provides just the functionality people need to manage one magazine or newsletter. But with the seperation of content and lay-out, which are not provided by a word-processing programme, and at a unprecedented price level compared to other content management systems.

"We also receive a lot of magazines over the Internet ourselves," stated Ad Emmen, director of Genias, "We noted that most of these are still made with word-processors, or even sent as plain text. This is a pity, because once locked into a specific word-processor format, reusing the valuable content becomes almost impossible."

The G-VMP Standard Edition is an XML based management/editoral system for a magazine or newsletter which stores all articles as XML documents. G-VMP includes a set-up screen to define the lay-out and the structure of a magazine. It has an editor built in, and a repository, allowing to upload and include images.

"We wanted to give our customers all they need to publish their magazine or newsletter on a Web site or send it to their readers by e-mail," Ad Emmen continued,,"Hence we include a server that can be used as a Web server, an XML based search engine and the possibility to specify the target Web site."

G-VMP Standard has been developed by Genias Benelux partly in a number of R&D projects funded with many partners all over Europe, with support from the European Commission. It contains state-of-the-art XML-technology and is completely open standards based. Hence it can run on any operating system, including Windows, Linux and MacOSX.

About Genias Benelux

Genias Benelux is a computer consultancy and software company, providing solutions, project management and implementation services. The areas of expertise range from High Performance and Grid Computing to XML-software.

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