U.S. Army confirms belief in Med Diversified's Internet microscope technology

Andover 05 November 2001Continuing to show its confidence in the efficacy of telemedicine technologies from Trestle Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Med Diversified, the United States Army recently installed additional MedMicroscopy systems for use at three sites: Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Womack Army Medical Center at Fort Bragg, and the Ireland Army Community Hospital at Fort Knox. This agreement holds a potential dollar value for Med Diversified in the multi-millions.


By leveraging the MedMicroscopy system, which connects microscopes through the Internet, U.S. Army pathologists, located remotely, can examine human tissue from military patients stationed around the world, allowing for reliable diagnoses to be made on a range of cases with a significant savings in time and expense.

The MedMicroscopy system enables images to appear on a computer monitor in real time, allowing users to navigate slides, while controlling the object, focus and illumination, from installed locations around the world. According to Med Diversified, pathologists using the remote microscope system achieve the same look and feel over the Internet as they would experience if they were operating a microscope on-site.

Conversely, standard methods of on-site pathologic readings require the patient or biopsy, as well as the pathologist to be in the same place. In the past, this required that the patient or tissue sample be sent to a site where it could be examined by a pathologist. With Med Diversified's remote microscope facilitating tele-pathology, the U.S. Army can now bring about tremendous advances in patient care and clinical expediency.

In June 2001, the U.S. Army contracted with Med Diversified to implement the MedMicrospoy platform at four sites, including Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Fort Knox and Fort Bragg. "To date, the MedMicroscopy technology has allowed us to expedite diagnoses and efficiently allocate medical personnel, making it very clear that an increased investment in Internet microscopes would benefit the Army and its world class health care system", stated Dr. Keith J. Kaplan, tele-pathology director of Walter Reed Medical Center.

"Elimination of the transport of the slides is a true benefit to turnaround time and quality of care", Dr. Kaplan added, "particularly at a time when skilled pathology resources are scarce." Frank P. Magliochetti Jr., chairman and chief executive officer of Med Diversified, stated: "The U.S. Army's decision to increase its commitment to the MedMicroscopy system clearly demonstrates the need for, and efficacy of, the product in assisting with the delivery of timely, quality health care."

"This contract further confirms Med Diversified's ability to swiftly execute on our corporate strategy and further supports our organisation's rise to an unmatched position within the field of telemedicine. We anticipate a large potential worldwide market for this technology, which Med Diversified has the opportunity to dominate", Mr. Magliochetti concluded.

More news about Med Diversified is available in the VMW October 2001 article Med Diversified's Distance Medicine Technology Platform empowers tele-pathology across the world.

Leslie Versweyveld

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