Med Diversified subsidiary to integrate bio-agent design into general tele-pathology application

Andover 14 December 2001Trestle Corporation, a subsidiary of, dba Med Diversified Inc., plans to integrate its previously announced bio-agent detection capability as a feature in an upcoming version of its MedMicroscopy product line. The new version, expected to be released by the fall of 2002, is planned to provide bio-agent functionality and address the needs of the general microbiology and hematopathology market segments.


On November 5, 2001, Med Diversified announced that Trestle, as an extension of its Internet telemedicine product line, had completed design of this bio-agent detection system which was expected to reduce the time required to evaluate the presence of bio-agents, such as anthrax and smallpox.

While Trestle's scientists are confident that the design will be functional, as of the date of the November announcement, Med Diversified had not built a prototype of the system, conducted in-house or field testing, evaluated the commercial feasibility of the new system as a separate product, allocated funds for the development cycle, or secured any orders for the system.

Trestle has decided that, subject to the successful completion of testing, it will include the new design into version 2.7 of its MedMicroscopy product rather than marketing the capability as a separate product. Trestle has also budgeted funds for the construction and testing phases for this bio-agent modality, and commenced the construction of a prototype to permit field testing.

The development schedule calls for in-house testing of the system by the end of Spring 2002 and field testing in Summer 2002. If these tests confirm the expected functionality of its design, Trestle expects a commercial release by the fall of 2002. Trestle has not confirmed how its customers will view the addition of this bio-agent detection capability to the MedMicroscopy product.

This extended MedMicroscopy application together with Trestle's MedReach telemedicine solution is expected to offer a multi-purpose tool in both medical and pharmaceutical markets. Specific additional applications for this system are expected to include general microbiology and hematopathology. While not yet confirmed, Trestle's scientists believe the system could also complement new rapid bio-agent detection technologies, such as the rapid PCR test reported by the Mayo Clinic, and help provide multi-speciality second opinion on difficult cases.

Frank P. Magliochetti Jr., Med Diversified's Chairman and CEO stated: "We are pleased with Trestle's initial design and with its decision to incorporate this system into its product release schedule for the MedMicroscopy product system. We continue toward our target of providing an effective bio-agent tool while creating a product with broader application in our core markets."

Med Diversified operates a series of companies in various sub-industries within health care including pharmacy, home infusion, multi-media, management, clinical respiratory services, home medical equipment, home health services and other functions. More news on Med Diversified is available in the VMW December 2001 article U.S. Army confirms belief in Med Diversified's Internet microscope technology.

Leslie Versweyveld

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