Televoke's automatic crash notification system helps emergency services work faster and save more lives

Winchester 07 December 2001Televoke Inc., a telematics software company, has simulated the collision of a HazMat truck showing how its technology automatically sends emergency notification to appropriate public safety agencies for immediate response. Televoke also demonstrated the automatic notification of the HazMat carrier manager through its automated telematics service platform. The test, sponsored by the ComCARE Alliance, and Valley Health System as part of their Integrated ITS-Public Safety Project, took place at the Winchester Medical Center in Winchester, Virginia.


The Televoke HazMat collision notification simulation uses the draft Automatic Crash Notification (ACN) data standard being developed by the ComCARE Alliance and a diverse group of its members, to allow for the automatic transfer of emergency data from a vehicle to multiple public safety agencies, for immediate response by local police, fire, EMS or HazMat service agencies.

"It is critical to integrate emergency data from telematics companies into the modern emergency communications systems we are demonstrating", stated David Aylward, director of the ComCARE Alliance. "We are delighted to have the support of Televoke, are pleased in their ability to quickly demonstrate the use of the new draft ACN data standard."

Dr. Jack Potter, Chief of Emergency Medicine, Winchester Medical Center, added: "The automatic transfer of data from telematics service providers will save lives though faster response times and more accurate information." Bob Kimball, CEO of Televoke, stated: "Not only will telematics services save lives, but also provide increased safety and security with theft notification, SOS, tracking, and other Televoke powered services that provide vital security for hazardous materials transport in a post-September 11 environment."

A telematics device, as provided by Televoke partner InterTrak, is installed in a HazMat vehicle, with an "accelerometer" that measures the impact of collisions. When a collision occurs, the telematics device sends out a data packet over the cellular network to the Televoke Network Operation Center (NOC), providing unit ID, crash event codes, and location of the vehicle.

The Televoke NOC automatically matches the unit ID with the vehicle profile, including type of truck, size, owner, driver, license, with alarm information, and sends that information to the Acuo Message Director, provided by Acuo Technologies, which in turn routes the information to the appropriate public safety agency based on location of the vehicle.

The emergency agencies, which are registered to receive such information, immediately receive the event file, and import it into any one of a number of system applications which support the standard data file format, such as Acuo ERS, Centurion Solutions, Gannet-Fleming, NetCompliance. The agencies process the data, and take appropriate action in the form of police or EMS dispatch or HazMat regulatory notification. Next, the Televoke system will automatically initiate phone calls, pager, and e-mail alerts to the HazMat operator informing them of the crash event with all the pertinent information.

In addition to automatic crash notification, Televoke provides a number of other services which increase the safety and security of HazMat transportation. These event notifications are currently sent to the HazMat management, but can be supported with additional event codes within the telematics file format. These supported applications include:

  • Stolen Vehicle Notification and Tracking
  • SOS / Hijacked Vehicle Notification and Tracking
  • Other Alarm Notification and Tracking, such as valve open before arrival at destination
  • Excessive Speed Notification
  • Remote Control Engine Disable to immobilise a stolen or hijacked vehicle
  • Vehicle Service Diagnostics

Televoke is a provider of wireless software platforms which enable businesses to develop and deliver location-based safety, security and productivity tools for their customers worldwide. With Televoke's automated Web and telephony service platform, individuals and enterprises can track and control valuable assets, and be pro-actively notified when a valuable asset or loved one is at risk from any Internet-connected device or telephone. The Televoke service platform can be customised and branded for any partner and integrated with virtually any enterprise system, hardware device, GPS or other location technology, wireless or wire line network.

ComCARE's members believe that the convergence of telecommunications, telematics, information, and automotive technologies will enhance the safety and security of citizens. ComCARE is a United States, non-profit alliance of over 70 organisations, including doctors and emergency nurses, state and local 9-1-1 officials, departments of transportation, and wireless, transportation, and technology companies. Its mission is to improve emergency communications and response through co-operation and new technologies.

Leslie Versweyveld

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