HEALTHvision's Internet-stored patient records meet growing acceptance with hospital staff

Irving 11 December 2001HEALTHvision Inc., a health care Internet company, reported that its secure Web infrastructure, e-healthSOURCE, hosts more than one million unique registered patient records, making physician access to patient information easier than ever before for participating health systems. The company also noted that this number is continuing to grow rapidly, by more than 200.000 new patient records each month. This milestone illustrates not only market acceptance of HEALTHvision's application service provider (ASP) approach to e-health care, but also a surge in acceptance of Internet technologies as a means of connecting physicians and clinical staff to the patient information they need.


HEALTHvision leverages an application service provider (ASP) or shared delivery model which allows the local health system to "plug in" a comprehensive, secure Web infrastructure that supports a customised e-health strategy. Customisation for the health system is enabled through products and services delivered via the infrastructure and/or are integrated with the organisation's own systems.

The patient records hosted in e-healthSOURCE are gathered either through feeds from hospital information systems or from patients who have registered for secure on-line messaging with their providers. Once a patient record is entered, the system can store lab results, transcriptions, and other information which essentially creates an on-line patient file jacket.

Information that is accessible on-line, anytime, anywhere for authorised users, translates into streamlined work process for the physician office, as well as health care organisations charged with distributing clinical information to a number of locations. "On-line access to patient files has changed my professional life", noted Dr. William Crowder of Women's Healthcare Affiliates in Houston. "Quite simply, I am able to spend more time with patients and my own family because I spend less time tracking down paper."

Addressing the impact on the local health system, Deborah Durkee, Director of Information Systems Strategy and Support at Yale New Haven Health System noted: "The need to accurately record and track clinical data takes on increasing importance as our hospital continues to focus on expanding access to information and services to our physician population. HEALTHvision solutions help us address this need, while allowing us to focus on our core competency, the delivery of care."

HEALTHvision sees the trend toward a more interconnected health care process emerging even as the "Internet-hype" declines. The company's strategy of linking health care stakeholders will usher in a new era in health care that is centred on a nationwide health care network, sponsored by regional hospitals and physicians. This type of complete and timely information access ultimately provides the greatest impact and value to the consumer.

Scott Decker, CEO of HEALTHvision, noted: "The Internet is finally allowing wide scale sharing of appropriate information to participants in the health care delivery process, when they need it. The result of improved access to health data allows for better decision-making capabilities by all parties. We are extremely proud and encouraged by our customers successful implementations, steady growth and on-going commitment to HEALTHvision's secure HIPAA compliant e-health technology."

HEALTHvision is focused exclusively on providing Web-based solutions that are customised and branded to the local health care organisation. With its comprehensive e-healthSOURCE Web infrastructure, HEALTHvision leverages the Internet to enable the local health care organisation to improve relationships with consumers, patients, and physicians. A privately held company, HEALTHvision was formed in July 1999 through the merger of the Internet-based products and resources of Eclipsys Corporation and VHA Inc., resulting in a potential customer base of more than 2400 health care organisations.

Leslie Versweyveld

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