CyberCare teams with IBM to facilitate telehealth remote monitoring application

Boynton Beach 17 December 2001CyberCare Inc. will join with IBM to deliver cutting edge telehealth remote monitoring and real time interactive communication systems by utilising IBM e-business solutions and CyberCare's Electronic HouseCall (EHC) family of products. The IBM technology will help CyberCare to deliver the applications, products, and infrastructure for more effective and efficient electronic disease and health care management which includes automatic data collection, case management, and personal interaction.


The CyberCare System helps the provider track clinical outcomes and improves medication and treatment compliance. Facilitating the delivery of health care by telehealth solutions helps to control costs while improving patient satisfaction and quality of services. CyberCare will use several IBM offerings including e-business hosting services to host, monitor, and manage the CyberCare applications; network infrastructure and management which allows for video tele-conferencing; field service and installation support, as well as help desk services.

Connectivity, customised for local requirements, will be provided by IBM Business Partner Virtela. Additionally, CyberCare will continue to leverage both IBM hardware and software products in the overall solution. Both industry and CyberCare-initiated studies continue to document the efficacy of telehealth and remote monitoring solutions in the care of patients. The technology associated with the improvements indicated in these studies is incorporated in the CyberCare family of products.

Several examples include the following: one HMO study documented savings as compared to a baseline study group; a second study by a prominent Midwest university documented a reduction in inpatient/outpatient visits, as well as savings in the cost of care per participant; and a study by a United States government organisation documented cost savings while improving patient satisfaction over a six-month period.

In addition to this agreement, IBM and CyberEuroCare have begun the roll-out to support a 100-unit pilot in Sweden which will demonstrate the efficacy of telehealth treatment for chronically ill patients at a leading Swedish health care provider. This deployment utilises IBM Business Partner ATT for patient and caregiver connectivity. Deployment in the United States of the combined solution at several health care providers will be initiated shortly.

"We are very proud of this alliance with IBM", stated Joe Forte, President of CyberCare, Inc. "It will allow us to remain true to our business focus ensuring a quality product with flawless execution. Our customers will be assured of state-of-the-art infrastructure, complying with industry requirements for security, confidentiality, and privacy. This will allow us the freedom to focus on the development and delivery of unmatched application solutions, ensuring customer and shareholder value."

"This offering combines IBM's infrastructure and e-business expertise with the CyberCare applications and telehealth expertise", said Dave Carlquist, Vice President, Global NetGeneration Business. "By working together, IBM and CyberCare will enhance state-of-the-art technology for health care management, an area which greatly benefits from e-business." More news on the six-month period CyberCare study is available in this VMW issue's article Florida Medicaid/CyberCare pilot telemonitoring project lowers hospital and emergency room visits.

Leslie Versweyveld

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