Hospitals select Medcon for cardiac image and Global Med for SafeTrace Tx transfusion service management

Whippany, New York 21 December 2001Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster, California, a regional expert in the utilisation of the latest cutting-edge technology, selected Medcon's TCS system for Cardiac Image Management and archiving after a thorough evaluation of competing brands. In turn, St. Joseph's Hospital, member of Minnesota's HealthEast Care System, has signed a contract with Global Med to license Wyndgate Technologies' SafeTrace Tx hospital transfusion service management information system, and Triple G Systems Group's ULTRA suite of laboratory applications.


Antelope Valley Hospital staff required a management system which would provide for the creation and maintenance of single electronic patient files that could store both cardiac angiograms and echocardiography studies. The department also sought a system that would be able to archive their Cath and Echo image studies in their existing Radiology PACS System from Algotec in Duluth, Georgia.

One of the major deciding factors, according to the Antelope Valley Hospital IS and Cardiology lab teams, was the TCS system's compatibility with the hospital's recently acquired General Electric Innova Cardiac Cath Lab. The TCS system offers the flexibility to acquire cardiac images from any X-ray imaging system, at any resolution and bit depth, and has been interfacing with the GE Innova in numerous other medical institutions around the globe.

Another important deciding factor was the TCS system's dominance over other competing systems in the number and quality of its options in storage, retrieval, and remote access functions. "Medcon's MDWeb product, enabling the Web publishing of images, reports, and data generated in the department, outperformed its closest competitor by far. We are very impressed with these Internet/Intranet capabilities of the system. We are also very pleased with the viewing software which offers a multitude of extremely useful options", stated Dave Jepson, the Cardiac Cath Lab Manager.

As far as the Global Med SafeTrace Tx agreement with St. Joseph's is concerned, terms were not disclosed. HealthEast Medical Laboratory provides laboratory services for the HealthEast Care System, which includes three acute care hospitals, a rehabilitation centre, and numerous long-term care facilities and physician clinics. HealthEast Medical Laboratory also provides reference laboratory services to approximately 200 clinics and hospitals, 52 long-term care facilities, college health services, corporate programmes and research studies.

Deb Rodahl, Lab Director at HealthEast, explained: "Our laboratory search committee is pleased to be able to work with the gold standard for transfusion medicine information system products, Wyndgate Technologies' SafeTrace Tx hospital transfusion software. The ability to manage our multi-hospital laboratory system and integrate with Triple G, our primary information system, was the final selling point."

SafeTrace Tx is a Microsoft Windows based, feature-rich hospital transfusion service management information system which is uniquely designed and proven to fully support enterprise-wide centralised transfusion services (CTS) management. This is in addition to its demonstrated success in the small hospital/laboratory environment. Features include advanced functionality such as electronic and remote crossmatch, automated patient special needs, and antigen/antibody screens.

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Leslie Versweyveld

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