Medicomp to equip International Space Station with cardiac monitoring systems

Melbourne 04 January 2002Medicomp Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of United Therapeutics Corporation, has been awarded a contract to supply cardiac monitoring equipment to the International Space Station. For the International Space Station project, Medicomp will supply its new generation of Holter Monitors utilising its patented DIOGENES algorithm and its flagship EPICARDIA system.


Medicomp's new Holter Monitor is a pager-sized ECG computer worn by a patient for 24 hours while going about his or her daily activities. Founded in Florida in 1981, Medicomp specialises in providing proprietary cardiac event and Holter telemedicine services throughout the United States.

"We are elated to continue with our history in the Space Programme", stated Ricardo A. Balda, Chairman and CEO of Medicomp. "This project will allow us to further develop advanced technology which will also be utilised in our telemedicine services on earth."

In 1994, Medicomp was selected to provide the joint Russian and French space programmes with the systems for ECG monitoring of cosmonauts as they lived and worked in the Mir Space Station. It was this equipment that detected Cosmonaut Commander Tsibliev's cardiac arrhythmia, indicating an irregular heart beat, while he was aboard the Mir.

"We are pleased to partner once again with a company that has established an excellent record of performance and reliability in the space programme", stated Didier Cauquil, Programme Manager for the CARDIOLAB physiological system of CNES, the French space agency. CARDIOLAB is a co-operative project between CNES and DLR, the German space agency.

The cardiac equipment is being acquired for DLR by the company Astrium, based in Friedrichshafen, Germany, to be deployed in the European module of the International Space Station.

United Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on combating cardiovascular, infectious and oncological diseases with unique therapeutic products.

Leslie Versweyveld

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