Primal Pictures wins EuroPrix multimedia prize as designer of Interactive 3D human anatomy CD ROM Series

Lisbon 08 January 2002Primal Pictures Ltd., a United Kingdom company which has designed software providing detailed 3D images of human anatomy, has won the EuroPrix multimedia prize for learning and e-education. The Interactive Series CD ROMs provide a digital alternative to using cadavers for medical teaching. The award, voted by a jury of users and educators, was presented at the EuroPrix gala in Lisbon, Portugal, in December 2001.


The CD ROMs, produced by Primal Pictures, offer the first ever complete 3D anatomical model of the body. The Interactive Series consists of several CD-ROMs - Hand, Hip, Shoulder, Knee, Foot, and Ankle - which are designed for qualified and general medical teaching environments. Each CD ROM displays an anatomically correct graphic model of part of the body built into a three dimensional model from MRI and CT scans using sophisticated computer graphics.

Primal Pictures' products, developed over the past ten years, now include the entire muscular-skeletal system and the Spine, which was launched in September 2001. The Head and Neck will be previewing in July 2002. The interactive models allow surgeons, physiotherapists, teachers of anatomy, and other health professionals to strip away the skin and examine muscles, ligaments and bones of various parts of the body.

"The word anatomy does not really reflect the nature of innovation in our products", explained Chris Briscoe, creative director at Primal Pictures. "These are the most advanced 3D models of anatomical structures ever built."

The company is working closely with Cambridge University and University College in London (UCL). UCL had been researching techniques for visualising bones in the head and this research was used by Primal Pictures to produce the Interactive Skeleton. The Interactive Skeleton has won a number of awards, including the British Medical Association award for Best Electronic Product of 1996, and prestigious International Association for Media in Science Prize.

Primal Pictures, which operates in the rapidly expanding electronic health care education market, is experiencing huge demand for its products, with sales in the last year doubled at £1 million. A recent funding round raised £3 million to finance the development and marketing of its products.

The company's Web site is fully e-commerce enabled, allowing the client to reach and sell to their target audience, the medical and educational community, on a worldwide basis. In addition, Primal Pictures has introduced an interactive anatomy Web site designed to make it easier to find 3D anatomy images on-line. The service allows users to access 3D computer graphic models of human anatomy and view pathology text.

Subscribers can download or print images in order to enhance staff training, patient consultations, and lecture presentations. A free trial can be obtained by visiting the anatomy Web site.

Leslie Versweyveld

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