HealthProLink and Aether partner to enable mobile handheld system for hospital pharmacists

Owings Mills 09 January 2002HealthProLink Inc., a Bellevue-based mobile data solutions provider for the health care industry, has successfully deployed synchronisation and device management components of Aether Fusion, Aether's wireless technology foundation, to enable its HealthProLink handheld computer system. HealthProLink is designed to provide hospital pharmacists with secure mobile and wireless access to clinical tools, information and standardised reporting.


HealthProLink users can access updated clinical data from the HealthProLink server on their PDA, including therapeutic exchange guidelines, and cost comparisons on prescription drugs, resulting in medication cost savings. Also, Aether's device management solution enables administrators to actively manage and monitor the devices and mobile applications in use by the pharmacists. Aether Systems Inc. is a provider of wireless data products and services.

"HealthProLink permits pharmacists and other medical professionals to substantially increase documentation of clinical interventions, medication errors, and adverse drug reactions", stated Terry Gibbons, CEO, HealthProLink. "Through Aether's synchronisation solution, we can offer our users nearly real time access to up-to-date clinical information and help guide appropriate medication, which pays off in cost savings."

After successful beta testing within several hospitals across the United States, including the Johns Hopkins Children Center in Baltimore, HealthProLink launched the solution in June 2001. Since its launch, HealthProLink has been implemented by 20 health systems including Providence Health System, which has over 20 acute care hospitals and more than 400 hospital pharmacists on the West Coast.

"Our pharmacists will be able to improve their productivity by using the HealthProLink System because of the ready access to powerful clinical tools and fast and easy documentation", according to Rick Shali, Regional Director of Pharmacy Services of Providence Portland. "The HealthProLink System will also provide Providence clinical managers with standardised reporting on the pharmacists' performance on a system-wide basis."

HealthProLink's free content Web channel delivers clinical pharmacy news, handy tools, as well as journal reviews to the pharmacist's handheld computer. The HealthProLink System for handheld computers facilitates clinical documentation on the run, provides hospital-specific information at the pharmacists' fingertips and enables the clinical manager to generate customised reports.

"HealthProLink has developed a mobile data solution which allows hospital pharmacists to access the most current clinical data on a patient, a capability not available through mobile collaboration until now", stated Brian Keane, President, Enterprise Solutions Division, Aether Systems. "This application is a great example of a mobile solution resulting in increased productivity and cost savings for the health care industry."

Aether Systems helps enterprise customers improve efficiency and profitability by providing the services, software and support necessary to extend existing and future applications from the desktop to any wireless device. Through Aether Fusion, the company develops, deploys, and manages wireless solutions built on industry standard technology and backed by Aether's expertise in wireless hosting, software, and services.

Leslie Versweyveld

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