GE Medical acquires Danica Biomedical to provide European hospitals with wireless telemetry

Copenhagen 09 January 2002GE Medical Systems Information Technologies, a business unit of the General Electric Company, has finalised the acquisition of Danica Biomedical A/S, a Denmark-based provider of telemetry systems for health care organisations. The acquisition will allow GE to offer European health care providers with highly advanced wireless technologies which have EU radio frequency compliance, so patient information can be provided directly to physicians and nurses securely wherever they are in the hospital.


Danica is a telemetry provider with an especially solid reputation in Scandinavian countries. The Danica acquisition comes just three months after GE completed the acquisition of Data Critical Corporation, a provider of wireless communication devices, and its subsidiary VitalCom, a supplier of networked telemetry systems and software.

"Advanced wireless technologies play a critical role in GE's strategy to serve as a provider of enterprise-wide clinical IT for global health care facilities", stated Greg Lucier, President and CEO of GE Medical Systems Information Technologies. "The acquisition of Danica strongly supports this strategic goal. Wireless technology will help hospitals maximise clinical work flow and enhance patient safety for an overall positive care delivery process."

"The Danica acquisition underscores our commitment to the wireless sector, which is expected to become an $80 million industry in the next five years in Europe", noted Pascal Veillat, Vice President of European operations at GE Medical Systems Information Technologies. "In today's hospital environment, clinicians face mounting pressure to manage acute labour shortages, control costs, and reduce medical errors. Accordingly, there is strong demand in Europe for wireless technologies which can help clinicians be more productive while caring for more patients than ever before."

Mr. Veillat noted that the Danica line complements GE's offering in stand-alone telemetry systems, those which are not connected through a telemetry and monitoring network. Wireless and telemetry technologies give clinicians access to patient information at their fingertips. They offer prospects for significant improvement in quality of care, return on investment, and cost control.

Danica, established in 1991, has 42 employees in two locations, Denmark and Sweden. The company also has a system compliant with the wireless medical telemetry service (WMTS) standard used in the United States. Approval from the Unted States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is pending.

GE Medical Systems Information Technologies provides hospitals and health care systems with advanced software and technologies to improve their clinical performance. The company's expertise spans the areas of cardiology, patient monitoring, image management, clinical communications, clinical information systems and Six Sigma-based management tools to enable a real time, integrated electronic medical record. GE Medical Systems Information Technologies is a business of GE Medical Systems, an $8 billion global expert in medical imaging and technology.

Leslie Versweyveld

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