GMD's virtual patient records enhanced with RealTimeImage's iPACS lossless images viewer

San Bruno 28 January 2002RealTimeImage, a provider of Internet-based streaming solutions, has closed an agreement with GMD, a developer and marketer of an innovative virtual electronic patient record, to utilise RealTimeImage's iPACS software in its product line. iPACS is a Web gateway for medical images providing immediate access to lossless diagnostic-quality images and image sequences over a full range of bandwidths, from simple telephone lines to fast LANs. No pre-processing or intermediate storage is required.

Advertisement with iPACS will display medical records with thumbnails of imaging studies. A click of the mouse will open the RealTimeImage iPACS viewer and complete images will be streamed in lossless diagnostic quality.

"iPACS expands our vision of the virtual patient record, making it global", stated Heiner Fuchs, chief operating officer for GMD. "Images are a crucial part of any medical record and one of the most challenging elements to communicate electronically. iPACS takes lossless medical images beyond the hospital and makes them available anywhere around the world in real time, as part of our virtual patient records."

According to Mr. Fuchs, the iPACS DICOM viewer also allows imaging centres and hospitals with limited budgets to review many types of medical imaging studies using affordable off-the-shelf hardware. "We now meet a demand on the part of some radiologists for an affordable FDA-approved DICOM image viewer as part of our total electronic health care solution", Mr. Fuchs noted.

Running on a hospital intranet, with iPACS also represents an efficient way to share images within the enterprise. "This cuts costs of purchasing additional hardware or software for internal image communications. Users need only master a single interface for use inside and outside of the enterprise", Mr. Fuchs added. provides complete documentation of patients' medical histories, combining data from existing information systems with a user-friendly interface for entering new information. These information systems include hospital, radiology, and laboratory information systems. In addition to images, comprehensive records include radiology, laboratory and pathology results, diagnosis, coding, reports, forms, and referral and discharge documentation.

Comprehensive support and work flow tools also are offered. Utilising JAVA technology and a familiar Windows interface, makes information available anywhere over a hospital intranet or the World Wide Web. "GMD is making the much heralded vision of a virtual patient record a reality and a practical, cost-effective option for most health care facilities", stated Gene Rubel, vice president of medical imaging for RealTimeImage.

RealTimeImage is an innovator of Internet-based imaging products and services for the Graphic Arts and Medical Communities. Pixels-On-Demand, the signature streaming technology developed by RealTimeImage, delivers extremely large images losslessly over the Internet.

GMD develops and markets an innovative virtual electronic patient record which integrates information from existing clinical and hospital information systems, while incorporating new data using a unified, user-friendly interface. can be configured to create custom reports and forms and used to manage clinical trials and document work flow. A unique master patient index feature links multiple institutions. fully supports the implementation of hospitals' HIPAA initiatives. Founded in 1994, GMD is based in Munich, Germany, with United States offices in Atlanta.

Leslie Versweyveld

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