ComSense's mic ChipSet with ComDot functionality integrated into MetrikLink health monitoring devices

New York 25 December 2001iMetrikus has selected ComSense's ComDot ChipSet Reader, an embedded microphone and firmware solution, for use with iMetrikus' MetrikLink device. MetrikLink uploads data from end-user health monitoring tools, such as blood glucose meters, to iMetrikus' MediCompass Personal Health Record over a standard phone line. MetrikLink, a non-PC connectivity device, helps patients to gain better control of medical conditions and provides an affordable, easy way to connect health monitoring tools to the Internet.


The ComDot ChipSet Reader combines advanced, low-electrical-consumption microphone and sound processing circuitry with an embedded version of the ComDot SoftReader acoustic authentication software. Assuming the responsibilities of a PC's sound card and microphone, the ComDot ChipSet Reader allows the ComDot user authentication card to work with non-PC devices. The addition of a separate physical authentication factor to non-PC devices, such as MetrikLink, greatly enhances their security and increases user's confidence in uploading medical data to Internet-based applications.

iMetrikus will introduce ComDot ChipSet-equipped versions of its MetrikLink device in the coming months. These versions of MetrikLink will come bundled with a ComDot-powered card which authenticates iMetrikus users through both their MetrikLink devices and their PCs. ComDot is the world's first reader-free, ISO-standard card. The credit-card sized ComDot card modulates an encrypted, one-time user code onto a sound wave and employs an advanced authentication server to process the encrypted data. Using ComDot card-based authentication with MetrikLink supplements SAIA, iMetrikus' Secure Anonymous Information Architecture, which provides one of the most stringent privacy practices of any health care related site.

"The health care market is a major opportunity for us, due to its strong demand for user authentication solutions", stated Eitan Einwohner, ComSense's Vice President, Business Development. "iMetrikus is a terrific partner, perfectly positioned in the on-line health management space. We are delighted to work with them to bring security, convenience and comfort to their users and to help further bolster their MetrikLink product line."

"iMetrikus places the highest emphasis on the data security of our untethered device solutions, such as MetrikLink", stated Rose Higgins, iMetrikus' Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Product Development. "In enabling card-based authentication to MetrikLink, we offer our non-PC users a secure, convenient tool for accessing and updating their medical information from anywhere."

ComSense is the maker of ComDot, a self-powered reader-free ISO card technology. ComDot-powered card systems create value for card issuers and providers of on-line or phone-based services through their unique user authentication and loyalty functionality. For end users, ComSense cards introduce unprecedented ease, security, and privacy to shopping, banking, and information access over telephone and computer networks. Founded in mid-1998, ComSense Technologies Ltd. has offices in Tel Aviv, Israel, and New York City.

A privately held company, iMetrikus was named for the principles it represents. iMetrikus links the individual through metrics that is, systematic measurement of diagnostics, therapeutic intervention and outcomes management, with the health care community. iMetrikus develops applications which provide secure, Web-based real time connections between patients, health care providers, and various sectors of the health care industry. iMetrikus solutions enable health care clients to focus on improving disease outcomes, management of chronic diseases, and health promotion through broad access to advanced, secure, interactive Internet applications.

Leslie Versweyveld

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