Siemens technology transforms earthquake-damaged hospital into 21st century health care model

Santa Monica 02 January 2002Saint John's Health Center recently awarded Siemens Enterprise Networks (SEN) a $12 million information technology (IT) infrastructure integration project. This positions Siemens and the company's various operating units as the main solutions provider for the hospital in three core areas: IT applications and infrastructure, medical equipment, and "smart" building technologies.


Saint John's Health Center, a community hospital in Santa Monica with approximately 250 beds, was badly damaged along with the rest of Southern California during the Northridge Earthquake of 1994. The hospital's staff chose to use the earthquake as an opportunity to rebuild itself into a prototype urban health centre for the future. The completion of Saint John's new buildings is taking place in several phases with completion expected in June 2006.

As part of a seven-year strategic alliance, Siemens is providing solutions for the hospital's recreation and reconstruction, including imaging equipment, Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), ventilators, and fire alarm systems. In addition, Siemens also is providing consulting services to identify areas where the hospital could improve cost and efficiencies. Saint John's, in return, has formed a lasting strategic partnership with Siemens, and plans to continue to build upon that relationship by working with Siemens and its subsidiaries.

"Our new agreement with Siemens Enterprise Networks is the final piece towards creating a truly integrated hospital", stated Terry Muldoon, vice president of Saint John's. "With its unique ability to provide a full solution, from IT integration to cutting-edge medical equipment to process improvement capabilities, we believe Siemens can support our endeavour of making the hospital a truly patient-centric environment."

The latest contract with Siemens Enterprise Networks includes design, procurement, and implementation of a complete telephone and data infrastructure, including nurse call, wireless voice and data, cabling and physical security systems, and even a comprehensive media distribution system for patient education and entertainment.

Siemens HiPath enterprise convergence architecture allows companies to implement new convergence technologies in voice and data infrastructures in line with their specific requirements, while protecting existing capital investments. A comprehensive portfolio of new IP communication solutions is available. Siemens delivers industry-leading applications, including those within the HiPath ProCenter customer interaction and HiPath messaging and mobility portfolios of solutions, across both circuit-switched and IP platforms.

"Our HiPath convergence architecture offers the most comprehensive portfolio for enterprise communications today, and we also deliver special synergies through our dedicated health care team and close alignment with Siemens' other operating companies", stated George Nolen, president and CEO of Siemens Enterprise Networks LLC.

The hospital sought to partner with a company that would provide comprehensive solutions, rather than simply applying a temporary solution. Siemens, with its comprehensive knowledge of hospital infrastructure and unique cross-selling ability, was chosen to continue to enhance Saint John's reputation as a leader in the health care industry.

"We go beyond selling boxes. Instead, we provide complete technology solutions for hospitals", stated Tom McCausland, president and CEO of Siemens Medical Systems, the lead provider to Saint John's. "Through this partnership, we are striving to provide Saint John's with the most advanced technology available, so that they may better serve the people in their community."

Creation of the new Saint John's began in the weeks and months following the disastrous 1994 Northridge earthquake. Faced with badly damaged buildings and a nine-month interruption of services, Saint John's assembled the finest team of experts in the country to develop a plan that would propel the Health Center into the 21st century.

The result of their efforts is a unique and innovative health campus designed to meet the health care challenges of the community for decades to come. The new campus will offer exceptional service, innovative design, advanced medical and service technologies and an unparalleled level of seismic safety, all of which will be focused on the compassionate concern for patients that has distinguished Saint John's for 58 years.

Leslie Versweyveld

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