Erasmus University, CHIRAD and Carelink organise Master Course Health Information Management

Rotterdam 02 January 2002Erasmus University Rotterdam in collaboration with CHIRAD in the United Kingdom and Carelink in Sweden will start a new masters degree course of health information management in March 2002, as announced by Professor Jos Aarts from the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Erasmus University. This course is aimed at busy health care professionals, managers and ICT-specialists who wish to design, introduce and evaluate information systems in complex health care organisations.


The master course focuses on ICT strategy, development, implementation and evaluation using a sociotechnical approach, a perspective which emphasises the constant interrelation of technical, social and organisational issues. The course will enable the participants to deal with the challenges and demands of professional information management and organisational development in health care. The next intake will commence on March 11, 2002.

The course consists of six modules taught over a period of a year-and-a-half and a dissertation. The themes of the modules are the following:

  1. The changing health care context
  2. Informatics and the changing clinical and managerial practice
  3. Medical informatics: technologies and infrastructures
  4. Integrated strategies
  5. Organisational development and managing the transition
  6. Evaluating the impact

The Department of Health Policy and Management collaborates with the Department of Medical Informatics of Erasmus University Rotterdam, and its international partners Carelink and CHIRAD. Modules 1, 2, 3 and 6 are held at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Module 4 is offered at Carelink in Stockholm, Sweden. Module 5 is delivered at CHIRAD in Winchester, United Kingdom. Course director is Professor Marc Berg, MD, MA, PhD. The course fee is 12.500 euro for the entire programme including the dissertation.

The Department of Health Policy and Management is part of Erasmus Medical Centre. In the department, various scientific disciplines such as economics, law, epidemiology, sociology, information systems research, organisational science and public administration are brought together and applied to the health care sector. The Masters is organised by the Research group on Information Technology in Health and Management (RITHM) within the department.

RITHM explores issues of design, implementation and evaluation of information systems, the social and professional consequences of new information technologies, including the Internet, and the role of knowledge management in health care. The master course is also supported by the Department of Medical Informatics of Erasmus University Rotterdam (MIEUR). MIEUR has a strong reputation in the fields of the development and use of electronic patient records, structured data entry and retrieval, and large clinical databases.

CHIRAD, the Centre for Health Informatics Research and Development, is a non-for-profit organisation with the aim to develop health informatics as an academic subject. As a virtual organisation, it provides a network for collaboration among health informatics experts. CHIRAD is involved in educational projects such as the delivery of a health informatics master course at King Alfred's College in Winchester. CHIRAD as part of the School of Social Sciences of King Alfred's College is an academic member of the International Medical Informatics Association. Professor Graham Wright is director of CHIRAD.

Carelink's mission is to promote co-operation and initiate and support IT development in Swedish health care. Carelink is also responsible for the national IT infrastructure for health. Its projects are organised in six programme areas, including training/education and research, and international co-operation. Carelink has been founded by the four national actors in Swedish health care, which are the Federation of County Councils, the Association of Local Authorities, the Private Health and Social Care Employers' Association and the National Co-operation of Swedish Pharmacies. Carelink's director is Mats Larson, RN.

More information about the curriculum is available on the Master Course Web site.

Leslie Versweyveld

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