Cairo University Hospital debuts with Zeus robot in series of paediatric procedures

Cairo 06 February 2002Doctors at Cairo University's Kasr El Aini Hospital in Egypt have performed a variety of advanced paediatric laparoscopic procedures and adult general surgery cases with the Zeus Robotic Surgical System, developed by Computer Motion. Kasr El Aini Hospital is the first institution in the Middle East and Africa to successfully perform robotic surgery. The paediatric patients ranged in ages from 4 months to 12 years.


Professor Mohammed Assem El Fiky, Chief of Paediatric Surgery at Kasr El Aini Hospital, performed the first robotic procedure within a week of installing the Zeus system and had completed more than a dozen procedures within the first month. The Kasr El Aini University Hospital is a teaching hospital in Cairo, Egypt. Kasr El Aini serves public patients, providing them with advanced health care.

Professor El Fiky stated: "As a practitioner of minimally invasive surgery for almost two decades, I realised with the introduction and use of intelligent interactive robotic devices, our surgeons could take patient friendly surgery to a new level, encompassing more patients of all ages and nearly all areas of the human body." The professor hopes to perform his first remote telesurgery this year.

Maky Zanganeh, Vice President of European and Middle East Operations at Computer Motion, commented: "Professor El Fiky's experience using the new Zeus Microwrist system is a testament to the company's dedication to continued development of better tools for surgeons."

Dr. Zanganeh continued: "Working with Professor El Fiky on this project was an unforgettable experience; his personal dedication to his patients, to his students, and to his staff is remarkable. His interest in technology and computers makes Kasr El Aini one of the most advanced hospitals in Cairo. We are proud to be working with him and his team and we believe that surgeons like Professor El Fiky will ultimately develop new and exciting procedures to treat more and more patients less invasively with surgical robotics."

Bob Duggan, Chief Executive Officer of Computer Motion, stated: "We are excited to open this new geographic market which holds great promise. We are honoured to be partnering with Cairo University Hospital and a visionary surgeon in the person of Professor El Fiky. This relationship holds potential not only for the role of robotics in surgery but for the coming new era of patient friendly surgery as well."

More news on the use of the Zeus robotic system in paediatric surgery is available in the VMW February 2002 article Zeus robot used in delicate procedure to deblock baby stomach.

Leslie Versweyveld

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