Reliance Software Systems adds document management module to clinical integration tool

Farmington Hills 04 February 2002Reliance Software Systems has released their new document management component at the 2002 Annual HIMSS Conference and Exhibition in Atlanta recently. This latest addition to the product suite of CDR-Web brings fully integrated document management to an already robust clinical integration tool. CDR-Documents provides clinicians and support staff with the ability to scan and classify a multitude of documents, associate them with the patient record, and provide them to the enterprise.


Forms and documents are made available on-line for "on-demand" printing, dramatically reducing the need for printing and warehousing forms within the hospital. Material management costs are instantly reduced. Additionally, linking critical documents from the paper chart to the electronic patient record furthers the migration away from paper. Identification and insurance cards, advance directives, consent forms, treatment forms, old notes, orders and much more can all be made available on-line, in colour, from anywhere, and permanently linked to the patient record.

"By adding a fully integrated document management system to CDR-Web, we are providing unparalleled flexibility, availability and portability to clinical information for hospitals, health systems and IDNs", stated Reliance Software Systems President, Alicia Brown.

This additional module further rounds out the CDR-Web suite. CDR-Web itself is a robust clinical data repository that collects and permanently stores a wealth of information from existing hospital systems. Its innovative, Web-based interface is secure and easy to use. CDR-Admin provides easy Web-based administration, configuration and reporting to the administrators.

CDR-Rx gives physicians an easy to use, secure mechanism for writing prescriptions with drug-drug, drug-allergy, duplicate therapy and even drug-lab value interaction checking for a hospital's formulary. Through RelWare's partnership with First DataBank, a provider of drug information content to the health care industry, CDR-Rx provides the safe prescription writing that health care requires.

CDR-Pocket and CDR-Palm provide physicians with handheld, wireless access to a full electronic patient record as they communicate real time with the clinical data repository. Comprehensive patient information and results within CDR-Web are readily available with these easy to use, browser-based views.

Reliance Software Systems is a privately held Internet technologies company. Their products support and enhance the way physicians, clinicians and their enterprise health care organisations work. Reliance Software Systems brings new expectations to health care with innovative design, rapid implementations, and cost effective solutions.

Leslie Versweyveld

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