GE OEC Medical Systems provides mobile imaging technology at 2002 Olympic Winter Games

Salt Lake City 21 February 2002In the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, the health of the athletes has been preserved with the help of OEC MiniView 6800 mobile digital C-arms from GE Medical Systems. The medical team of the Salt Lake Organising Committee (SLOC) chose the systems for their high quality, real time imaging capability and ease of use, and GE donated the technology for the duration of the games.


The Salt Lake City-developed MiniView incorporates the trademark OEC 1k x 1k digital X-ray imaging technology in a compact mobile system. Designed especially for orthopaedic extremity imaging, the MiniView's real time edge enhancement displays fracture lines, joint spaces, and fine bone details digitally for enhanced visualisation during live fluoroscopic examinations. This is especially useful for the extremity injuries common during the games to quickly determine severity and facilitate return to play decisions.

"Now team physicians and trainers at the world's premiere sporting event in Salt Lake are experiencing what other sports medicine physicians enjoy from the OEC MiniView 6800 in their hospitals and offices", stated Ruben C. Berumen, General Manager of GE Medical Systems' Global Surgery and Vascular Imaging business. "It is important that we can bring our innovative technology directly to the venues at the athletes point of care where speed in diagnosis and treatment is so essential."

The ease of use and archiving capability of the systems have also been key factors. International team physicians need to be able to operate the systems with little prior training. The uncomplicated user interface enables them to simply position the athlete and shoot an image with little or no time lost.

Because many of the athletes maintain professional careers outside the Winter Games, it is important for team physicians to document any injuries to ensure a comprehensive medical record. The MiniView enables hard copy printing to film or archiving to a floppy disk. These features also facilitate continuity of care when players return to their teams after the games have concluded.

GE OEC Medical Systems Inc. is specialised in cost-effective digital X-ray imaging solutions. Its broad product line meets the growing imaging and information requirements for patient care in conventional and minimally invasive surgery, interventional procedures, and emerging medical technologies designed for a variety of health care settings. GE OEC is a GE Medical Systems company with global headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Leslie Versweyveld

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