Four top hospitals standardise on PatientKeeper's Mobilizer Platform to make physicians mobile and wireless

Atlanta 29 January 2002Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, Emory Healthcare, Memorial Hermann Health System, and University of Maryland Medical System have awarded PatientKeeper with multi-year contracts. These top institutions will standardise on PatientKeeper's Mobilizer Platform to empower their physicians with advanced mobile and wireless technology. The Mobilizer Platform bridges the chasm between where patient data resides and the point of care. It is the first open mobile platform designed specifically for health care, and provides secure encryption during transmission of data between mobile devices and information systems. The aggregate value of these contracts is nearly $4 million over the term of the agreements.


The decision to select PatientKeeper was the result of Mobilizer Platform's ability to utilise an open architecture that has set the standard in providing interoperability, context management, security, and enterprise management, while embracing a wide selection of handheld devices (Palm OS and Pocket PC) and wireless and non-wireless transports (802.11, Bluetooth, WWAN, network cradles, infrared, etc.). Mobilizer Platform delivers the richest set of independently-authored mobile health care applications available today. Over 45.000 clinicians and a growing developer community have already embraced PatientKeeper's technology.

"PatientKeeper's point and tap interface, plus its easy ability to adapt to our legacy systems will put the information our physicians need right where they want it: in the palm of their hand", stated Michael N. Minear, senior vice president and chief information officer of the University of Maryland Medical System. "Clinicians can access multiple vendors' applications from a common patient list. Information, like patient context or drug reference data, can be shared between applications", added Gary F. Foster, PatientKeeper's president and chief executive officer.

In addition, PatientKeeper has licensed Certicom's Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) to provide trusted security for its innovative mobile health care platform. Utilising Certicom's ECC, PatientKeeper's Mobilizer Platform provides physicians and clinicians with the ability to securely access mobile applications, share patient information, and exchange data with their organisation's information systems, all through a single handheld device.

"PatientKeeper helps us address the organic growth of mobile applications with features like single sign-on, centralised administration, and a common patient list. Meanwhile, the open architecture and software development kits (SDKs) will allow us to integrate best-of-breed applications from chosen vendors going forward", stated Dr. Sajjad Yacoob, Medical Director of Clinical Informatics, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.

PatientKeeper offers a range of mobile computing solutions including PatientKeeper Personal; ChargeKeeper for charge capture; LabKeeper for lab results; DxKeeper for tracking clinical problems; RxKeeper for medication profiles; TestKeeper for radiology, pathology and microbiology reports; NoteKeeper for clinical notes; VitalsKeeper for vitals and I/O's; OrderKeeper for order statuses; and AllergyKeeper for allergies profiles.

"Emory Healthcare selected PatientKeeper's Mobilizer Platform because of its ability to integrate with legacy systems, host third-party developed applications, offer support for both Pocket PC and Palm OS devices, and provide enterprise security controls", stated Dedra Cantrell, Interim CIO at Emory Healthcare. "PatientKeeper's Mobilizer Platform allows us the opportunity to provide round lists, labs, meds, and radiology reports on PDAs to our physicians without forcing us to invent and maintain the integration software to tie these solutions together", added David Bradshaw, Memorial Hermann Health System's CIO.

Leslie Versweyveld

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