Natick Visiting Nurse Association selects ehomecare to tie home patient services together

Raleigh 20 February 2002ehomecare has signed an agreement for its integrated Web-based point-of-care and billing software with Natick Visiting Nurse Association (VNA), a home care organisation serving the health needs of residents throughout the MetroWest area of Massachusetts for more than a century.


ehomecare is specialised in innovative Web-based, mobile solutions that help homecare agencies more efficiently, effectively, and profitably operate. It is the first fully integrated information system. The company leverages the power of information technology to enhance accuracy, decrease process time, reduce costs related to data management, and improve access to real time activity data and patient information.

"Our staff of nurses, rehabilitation therapists, home care aides, social workers, and nutritionists bring the most sophisticated treatments and technologies right to a patient's door", stated Judith Boyko, chief executive officer of Natick VNA. "That is why we chose ehomecare. Their technology ties it all together in such an intuitive way that everyone from our clinicians to our office staff can easily rely on it to improve efficiencies, support patient care and service, quickly incorporate content changes across our system, and adhere to pending HIPAA regulations."

"We have been through an exhaustive selection process looking at numerous vendors over the past year or so", added Judith Boyko. "A critical element of our selection process was asking to perform a field trial enabling our nurses, therapists, billing, and administrative personnel to use the software in real time scenarios to make sure they understood the product, to test functionality, and get buy in from our staff. I would recommend to all agencies that a field trial be included in or replace the demo process as this is an extremely valuable way of truly evaluating a vendor's software."

Claire Cofran, Natick VNA's chief financial officer, stated: "In choosing a new system, we found that ehomecare's product is aligned with our organisation's strategic direction. It gives us the power to do financial and clinical analysis utilising exceptional Drag and Drop reporting capabilities. Because of the ease-of-use of the product we believe the implementation process will be dramatically shortened leading to a much quicker return on investment. In addition, the Web-based model significantly helps with agency budgetary issues allowing the Natick VNA to invest in more point-of-care technology rather than large investments in back office hardware."

Kevin Blank, ehomecare's chairman, explained: "We believe that Natick VNA's entire organisation will see significant benefits including decreases in paper work, decreases in the potential for errors, and a better standardisation of care. ehomecare's Web-based offering provides the shortest implementation and training time of any point-of-care and billing application today." ehomecare will begin its implementation schedule for Natick within the next few months.

Leslie Versweyveld

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