eGetgoing and Behavioral Healthcare Options initiate efficacy study for on-line chemical dependency treatment

San Jose 19 February 2002eGetgoing, an accredited provider of on-line treatment for behavioural health problems, and Behavioral Healthcare Options (BHO), subsidiary of Sierra Health Services, a diversified health care services company which offers behavioural health care services, have established a research partnership to evaluate the efficacy of Internet-based outpatient care.


The study proposes to compare Behavioral Healthcare's (BHO) successful face-to-face, six-week Intensive Outpatient Programme (IOP) and its associated seven-month weekly Aftercare Programme with eGetgoing's 24-session, six-week Primary Treatment Programme and associated 28-session, seven-month Intensive Continuing Care Programme and follow-on twice weekly, 12-month counsellor-moderated, text-based continuing care.

"Joining together to conduct this study represents a breakthrough for telemedicine in chemical dependency treatment, and great promise for what will be possible in the field of behavioural health sciences as a whole", said eGetgoing Chairman and CEO, Barry Karlin. "As the newest option in chemical dependency treatment, eGetgoing continues to initiate clinical studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of our Internet-based programmes, and the clear viability of this rehabilitation model."

The study will randomly assign approximately 80 treatment clients to either BHO's face-to-face or eGetgoing's Internet-based outpatient programmes. Each client will be followed for fifteen months, including treatment and continuing care periods, and regularly evaluated to assess sobriety, self-esteem, 12-step programme participation, self-disclosure, and other relapse-related factors.

"We entered into this research partnership because we are committed to determining viable options for people with drug and alcohol problems", stated Michael Adams, BHO's CEO. "We look forward to analysing the results." "The initial feedback we've had from treatment clients has been very positive", added eGetgoing Chief Clinical Officer Paul Rosenberg, M.D. "Clients feel protected by the anonymity of the Internet, and have been comfortable sharing openly and participating honestly. We are eager to put our programmes to the test and demonstrate clinically that for many individuals, eGetgoing's Internet-based protocols will be very effective."

eGetgoing's format allows participants to see and hear their counsellor live, and enjoy the benefits of science-based group treatment without common barriers such as cost, stigma, convenience, access, and privacy. eGetgoing complements traditional treatment programmes by providing access for the millions of individuals who need treatment, but might not ever receive it through traditional residential and outpatient programmes.

It also augments the effectiveness of traditional programmes by providing easy to access long-term support that reduces the likelihood of relapse. eGetgoing is the on-line extension of CRC Health Corporation, an established group of residential and outpatient facilities which have provided substance abuse treatment to more than 100.000 people over the past 30 years.

Leslie Versweyveld

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