Dermatologists to test beta version of wireless practice management solution

New Orleans 22 February 2002Medical Enterprise Management Corporation introduces Dermsoftware, a leading edge office management system designed exclusively for the dermatology practice which offers a multitude of functions. By utilising a hand held tablet PC with wireless connection to the office network, the physician can conduct a patient examination, make treatment notes, and prescribe medications.


Dermsoftware uses sentence building technology, allowing the physician to build accurate and comprehensive descriptions of a patient's disease and lesions. Anatomically accurate body parts appear on the touch screen to enable the dermatologist to diagram a lesion in the correct location while the sentence builder links the lesion to the descriptive sentence for it.

"Dermsoftware encompasses all the tasks in a dermatology office, from patient care to employee time management, and maximises office efficiency and minimises time consuming tasks", stated Dr. Ken Beer, a practising dermatologist who conceived and designed the Dermsoftware system. "I was frustrated because I could not find off the rack software to manage my own busy practice and I was tired of spending hours every day handwriting patient notes and examination procedures. Within the next year or so, laws will mandate that physicians store medical records electronically. Now, with Dermsoftware dermatologists can do this."

Post procedure patient care instructions can also be printed. The software performs patient registration, demographic information storage, billing and scheduling for the dermatology office. Optional digital camera modules allow physicians to store patient photographs in each patient record. Dermsoftware uses fingerprint scanning to ensure that only authorised people have access to patient data. Encryption is also part of the wireless network which is recommended to run the programme in a wireless environment.

Dermsoftware uses pull down menus in the most commonly used categories of drugs used by dermatologists to facilitate prescription writing. The biometric scanning enables the physician to have a signed prescription appear with a few taps on the tablet pc or entry on a keyboard. The repetitive writing and signing of prescriptions is now a task of the past.

Dermsoftware uses Windows software so that each dermatologist can customise parts of the programme to fit his or her specific practice style. The software incorporates tabletPC technology, which many experts agree is the future of computing. Dermsoftware comes loaded onto a Hewlett Packard server and uses Microsoft backoffice server which can be easily managed by any network administrator.

The Dermsoftware is in its final development phase. A limited number of dermatologists will beta test the product, which will be showcased during the 60th American Academy of Dermatology Conference. They will receive a 50 percent reduction of the retail price and a full year of upgrades, technical support as well as an HP server. Beta testing will be completed in July of 2002 with retail versions available in October 2002.

Leslie Versweyveld

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