Novant Health provides 300 doctors with MercuryMD's MData Enterprise System for handheld devices

Research Triangle Park 22 January 2002Novant Health System, located throughout central North Carolina, is rolling out MercuryMD's MData Enterprise System to 300 health professionals during the next six months. MercuryMD integrates hospital data and delivers patient information to health care professionals' handheld devices.


Novant Health completed its implementation of MercuryMD's MData Enterprise System in December 2001 with 30 physicians participating in the pilot plan. Based on the successful pilot, Novant plans to roll out MData to 150 physicians by mid-March with an additional 150 using it by June 2002. According to Toni Kourey, Chief Information Officer, achieving those numbers is not expected to be a challenge.

"We have received an overwhelmingly positive response from not only our IT staff but also from the physicians currently participating in the pilot programme", stated Toni Kourey. "Our IT team is pleased with how smoothly the installation went and our physicians praise how convenient and time-saving it is to have patient data at their fingertips without having to go track it down."

MercuryMD's technology solution enables doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and other health care professionals to have anytime access to current and comprehensive patient data via handheld devices. This data can include up-to-date patient census lists, demographics, laboratory results, diagnostic reports, medication lists, and transcribed reports already captured within the hospital's information systems.

Novant Health is a not-for-profit health system with hospitals and physician practices in the Winston-Salem and Charlotte regions. Novant serves more than one million people in 32 counties and consists of seven inpatient hospitals with approximately 2000 licensed beds. Three other health care systems in the South have realised immediate benefits with the implementation of MercuryMD's MData Enterprise System. These systems include Moses Cone Health System in Greensboro, North Carolina; Baptist Health in Little Rock, Arkansas; and WakeMed in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Baptist Health, one of the earliest adopters of the product, has already been able to show that MercuryMD's MData Enterprise System saves money, allows health care professionals to spend more time with patients, and significantly optimises the hospitals' clinical work flow process. These immediate results support the growing hospital acceptance of MercuryMD's Enterprise System for patient data delivery.

MercuryMD delivers patient data via existing network infrastructure to a simple and intuitive user interface designed specifically for handheld devices. The MData Enterprise System enables hospitals to decrease medical errors, improve patient care, and shorten length of stay by increasing physician and staff efficiency. MercuryMD sets realistic expectations and delivers on commitments that bring value to the hospital customers.

Leslie Versweyveld

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