Latest version of Dragon's medical speech recognition software offers most accurate physician support

Peabody 06 February 2002ScanSoft Inc., a supplier of imaging, speech, and language solutions, has made available Dragon NaturallySpeaking v6 Medical Solutions, the latest release of its award-winning speech recognition software, designed to meet the specific needs of the health care industry.


Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical Solutions software is a speech recognition software that is specifically designed to address the challenging needs of the health care professional and physician. The solution has an extensive medical vocabulary, allowing users to create documents with the highest level of accuracy and incorporate the most technical of terms. By enabling fast, hands-free document creation, Dragon NaturallySpeaking frees physicians and health professionals to focus on patient care rather than time-consuming administrative tasks.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical Solutions software voice-enables all Windows-based applications, providing health care professionals with the ability to dictate patient encounters, case report forms, and Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) billing notes. The ScanSoft system supports direct dictation into PC applications such as Microsoft Word, and reads files created with mobile dictation devices.

"Since I started using the software, each day Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical becomes easier to use, faster, and more accurate", stated David Heiman, M.D., a private practice gastro-enterologist. "The benefits of the software are endless. Given the speed and cost savings of this product, compared with the cost of transcription services, this product is truly a benefit to any health care professional."

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical Solutions software contains many new features that make it more accurate, powerful, and easy to use. For example, it includes speciality vocabularies for cardiology, radiology, and general surgery as well as operative notes, in addition to the general medical vocabulary. An expanded vocabulary set for insurance or medical speciality can be created quickly using existing documents.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical Solutions software also includes enhanced macro creation capabilities which are used to encapsulate complex processes into a single voice command, and can be used to integrate voice into electronic records management systems, electronic forms applications, and medical billing products.

"We have found that many of our health care customers require solutions which are easily customisable and tailored to their environment", stated Robert Weideman, vice president of marketing for ScanSoft. "Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical Solutions exemplifies our commitment to the health care community by incorporating customer feedback and directly addressing the needs of our diverse user base."

Key benefits of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical Solutions software include:

  • The industry's highest accuracy rate, up to 160 words-per-minute dictation, for converting voice into text
  • Hands-free, voice-enabled control of Microsoft Windows-based applications
  • Automatic verification through pre-made vocabulary of medical terms
  • Ability to expand and customise vocabulary through existing documents and articles
  • Text-To-Speech features which read aloud e-mails and other PC documents
  • Mobile dictation using supported handheld digital recording devices

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical Solutions software is available immediately through ScanSoft's resellers, Web store, and catalogues for $995. The ScanSoft imaging, speech, and language solutions are used to automate a wide range of manual processes saving time, increasing worker productivity, and improving customer service.

Leslie Versweyveld

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