Sectra sells digital radiology to Arendal Hospital and signs contract for image management software integration

Linkoping 26 February 2002The Swedish IT and medical technology company Sectra has widened its Clinical Solutions Network by signing a co-operation agreement with International Medical Multimedia Ltd. (IMM), a software development company based in the United Kingdom. In addition, Sectra has received an order from the Arendal Hospital in Norway for digital radiology systems. The order includes Sectra's picture archiving and communication system (PACS) and amounts to approximately USD 500.000.


IMM develops and markets the Advanced image Management System (AiMS), a software that enables radiologists to create and customise their image archives for clinical reference, teaching, and presentation purposes. AiMS is a suite of software tools to interrogate and manage image repositories. The users have the possibility to build and manage their own databases and to apply the suite of databases created by IMM and recognised professional bodies, providing an unrivalled repository of radiology cases.

As a result of the agreement, it will be possible to work with AiMS seamlessly integrated in the Sectra's workstation for digital radiology. AiMS is one of several special partner applications which Sectra presented at the recent annual European Congress of Radiology in Vienna.

The Clinical Solutions Network (CSN) is the unifying concept of Sectra's co-operation with third party vendors connected to the Sectra software products in the medical field. Sectra provides open software products for radiology applications with interfaces that third party actors easily can integrate to. The CSN invites both commercial and researching actors to develop new functionality connected to the Sectra software solutions.

IMM's main product AiMS is a modular software application built on text-based database technology that enables specialists to create and manage their own or institutional repositories with images and text seamlessly integrated; search and retrieve cases on medical content; apply incorporated teaching tools for their teaching and education; and use cases for presentations or multi-disciplinary consultation. To date, IMM has more than 70 installations worldwide and has offices in Abingdon, UK, and Fort Lauderdale, USA.

Next to the agreement with IMM, Sectra's contract with the Arendal Hospital is the fourth order to a Norwegian hospital which Sectra receives within a short period of time, according to Age Sjafjell, President of Sectra Norway. The radiology department at Arendal Hospital performs approximately 60.000 examinations annualy. Installations of Sectra's PACS will begin in the autumn of 2002.

The digitisation will allow all images and radiology-related patient data to be accessed throughout all clinics of the hospital simultaneously. By using a high security level built-in in the system, this is done without compromising patient integrity. More news on Sectra's activities is available in the VMW March 2002 article Sectra's digital radiology systems enriched with MD OnLine's comparative ImageMatch service.

Leslie Versweyveld

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