American Diabetes Association, Entelos, and Compaq team to conduct diabetes in silico simulation research

Washington D.C. 07 March 2002The American Diabetes Association and biotechnology firm Entelos Inc. have established a landmark scientific collaboration and major research effort in type 2 diabetes. This collaboration marks the first time the Association has formed an alliance to specifically support drug discovery and development. Using Entelos Diabetes PhysioLab technology, the Association and Entelos will generate novel theories, hypotheses, and discoveries relating to type 2 diabetes and provide that research to a "Diabetes Research Forum" comprised of a select number of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.


Entelos' PhysioLab technology is the only technology capable of managing the complex relationships between diabetes and its diverse patient population and is designed to facilitate research efforts within the pharmaceutical industry. To support those research efforts, Entelos will provide trained in silico scientists to work with each participating company to integrate the PhysioLab technology and Entelos-Association research into each member's individual drug discovery and development programme. The Forum will be established this year and continue for a minimum of three years.

"Time is of the essence", stated Michael A. Weiss, Chair of the Board-Elect for the American Diabetes Association. "Two hundred thousand people die of complications from diabetes every year in the United States alone. To cure diabetes, a concerted effort on the part of the Association, the scientific community, and the pharmaceutical industry is needed. We believe that this Forum can be that focus and lead to the discovery of new and novel therapies for diabetes. Entelos' revolutionary technology can be the catalyst that significantly advances diabetes research and speeds new therapies to market. We are committed to curing diabetes and believe that this Forum is a major step in achieving that end."

The Association and Entelos will invite a select number of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to participate in the Diabetes Research Forum. Scientists from Entelos and the Association will conduct research with the Entelos Diabetes PhysioLab technology and provide the results of that research to the Forum.

"This is a truly ground-breaking collaboration, combining the strengths of the Association, Entelos, and the pharmaceutical industry", stated James Karis, President and CEO of Entelos. "The establishment of this Forum represents the next generation of pharmaceutical research and development and the first true convergence of predictive biology and high-performance computing to disease specific drug discovery and development. Each Forum member will be afforded the unique benefits of our scientific alliance with the Association and we expect that this will result in tremendous gains in the treatment of diabetes."

To support the Scientific Alliance and Diabetes Research Forum, Compaq Computer Corporation is providing a state-of-the-art high-performance AlphaServer-based computing system to be called the Diabetes BioCluster. The BioCluster system is expected to be at least a half teraflop of computing power and a terabyte of storage capacity and to be used exclusively by the Association-Entelos research team and the Forum. The BioCluster system will be donated to the Association but managed and maintained by Entelos. This will be the largest single high-performance computing system in the world dedicated to a single disease. Compaq will also be Entelos' preferred solutions provider for consortium members.

"In the physical sciences, the simulation of complex models with high performance computing has revolutionised research and product development with the use of virtual prototypes", stated Bill Blake, Vice President of High Performance Technical Computing, Compaq Computer Corporation. "Now, breakthrough biosimulation systems from Entelos will establish in silico R&D technology for biologists and medical researchers to explore the systems of the body in a top-down manner that provides a contextual framework for connecting genomic, proteomic, and in vitro information to clinical endpoints. This approach has the power not only to help people with diabetes but also to be applied to other diseases."

Entelos Inc., headquartered in Menlo Park, California, is specialised in predictive biosimulation for in silico drug discovery and development. The company's patented PhysioLab technology provides a breakthrough platform for testing experiments and hypotheses in silico, predicting the results through simulation, and creating knowledge out of fragmented discovery and clinical data. Entelos provides integrated expertise in the metabolic, immunologic, and respiratory areas, and currently offers PhysioLab systems for asthma, obesity, diabetes, and adipocytes.

Leslie Versweyveld

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