New reference book on Teledermatology issued by Richard Wootton and Amanda Oakley

London 04 March 2002Dr. Richard Wootton who works at the Centre for Online Health in Brisbane, Australia, and Amanda Oakley from the Department of Dermatology, Health Waikato, Hamilton in New Zealand together have edited a new book titled Teledermatology. The book is published by the Royal Society of Medicine in London and provides an in-depth look at teledermatology and its practice and current status worldwide.


Teledermatology, released in January 2002, is the first book devoted exclusively to this subject and covers a broad spectrum of topics including technical advice, particularly in digital imaging; global experience of consultations and diagnoses with country-specific case studies; patient education and management including the use of teledermatology in military, social services, and prison situations; on-line resources; future developments including automated melanoma diagnosis and mobile teledermatology; and discussions on economics in the developing and developed world.

This book can serve as a reference work for anyone involved in planning and conducting teledermatology services including dermatologists, general practitioners, paramedical staff, health service managers, IT and Web site technicians. It consists of four sections covering the teledermatology background and technical matters; current experiences; educational issues; and future developments.

Among the authors of the different chapters are Richard W. Whitehouse, Ville Voipio, Heikki Lamminen, Bill Grigsby, Nancy A Brown, Gisli Ingvarsson, Dagfinn Moseng, Vivian L. West, David C. Balch, Hon S. Pak, Joseph C. Kvedar, Eric R. Menn, Eliot N. Mostow, Jennifer Geras, Henry Foong Boon Bee, J. M. Whitworth, Betsy Wood, Karen Morse, Howard Rogers, Michael Haney, Carl R. Blesius, Uli Klein, Gabriel Yihune, Thomas Diepgen, Jorg Tittelbach, Andrea Bauer, Olaf Gotz, Ruthild Linse, Peter Elsner, Marta J. Petersen, Margretta A. O'Reilly, Timothy K. Chartier, Ralph Peter Braun, Jean-Hilaire Saurat, Peter Schmid-Grendelmeier, Prosper Doe, Lorenz Kuehnis, Laura Milesi, Giinter Burg, Christopher Clay, Greg R. Day, Hugues Talbot, Maria Loane, and Trine S. Bergmo.

The 331-page paperback on Teledermatology can be ordered on-line for GBP 24,95 from the Royal Society of Medicine Press Web site, where you can also read a sample chapter on-line.

Leslie Versweyveld

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