Japanese pharmaceutical sales forces save time using Dendrite's hybrid technology for handhelds and laptops

Morristown 28 February 2002Dendrite has launched two innovative solutions with powerful new capabilities designed specifically to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical sales forces in Japan. j-forceMOBILE, an innovative palmtop-based sales solution, and j-forceNET, which operates on laptops, now feature Dendrite's unique hybrid technology. It enables drug representatives to instantly switch from on-line to off-line operating mode, allowing them to access, review, and update information anytime, anywhere.


Off-line access to important sales information including schedules, activity histories, physician profiles, is essential for Japanese pharmaceutical field forces, the majority of which are hospital-based and not permitted to operate computer equipment in on-line mode in medical facilities. Dendrite's hybrid technology enables representatives to review and update previously downloaded information right from hospitals. After completing an appointment, representatives can then instantly enter activity records and resume on-line communication after leaving the facility.

Dendrite's j-forceMOBILE is a complete pharmaceutical sales force tool designed for use on low-priced handheld devices. Convenient and easy to use, it enables sales representatives to access their customer information directly from the central server via palmtop devices. j-forceNET, a Web-based sales force solution that operates on laptops, integrates all necessary sales and support functions within a single system for use by sales representatives, field managers, and home office staff.

"Dendrite's unique hybrid architecture makes it possible for our sales reps to maximise use of their waiting times in hospitals and reduce workloads at the end of the day", stated Hideaki Numa, Chief Information Officer and Head of Information Technology and General Affairs at Novartis Pharma K.K. "With Dendrite's new off-line mode, reps will no longer be limited or constrained, and can therefore increase the efficiency of all their in-field activities."

By using hybrid technology, j-forceMOBILE and j-forceNET give companies the best of both worlds: lower operational costs through use of Web-based technology and reduced mobile communication costs from off-line information access and data entry. Dendrite Japan introduced its new technology at a recent user-group meeting in February 2002, which attracted 16 of Japan's leading pharmaceutical companies.

Based in Osaka and Toyko, Dendrite Japan serves Japanese and international pharmaceutical companies operating in that country, including Novartis Pharma K.K., AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Takeda, Teijin Ltd., Tsumura & Co., Torii, Ono Pharmaceutical, and Dainippon Pharmaceutical Co. With approximately 100 employees, the office provides drug manufacturers with a comprehensive array of consulting services and product support.

Dendrite, the visionary innovator in global pharmaceutical technology, helps clients strategically manage customer relationships to increase market share. The company creates unique, analytically driven solutions which enable pharmaceutical companies to influence prescriber behaviour, thereby delivering a sustained competitive advantage. More than 80.000 pharmaceutical sales representatives and their managers from over 150 companies and 57 countries use Dendrite products and services. They represent 19 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies.

Leslie Versweyveld

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