GE Medical Systems unveils new gold standard in mobile and digital fluoroscopy

Baltimore 08 April 2002At the Society of Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology's Annual Meeting, GE Medical Systems OEC, a unit of General Electric Company, introduced a new 1k x 1k mobile fluoroscopic digital imaging system for interventional and surgical imaging, the OEC 9800 Plus. The advanced technology of this new mobile system is expected to further help doctors positively impact patients' lives and reduce health care costs by offering enhanced image quality which can improve outcomes and shorten procedure times.


The system has multiple new image enhancement technologies that extend the image resolution quality of the system and enable physicians to see tissue and bony detail with exceptional clarity, especially when imaging metal and dense anatomy.

"The image intelligence of the OEC 9800 Plus represents a stride forward in the ability to image quickly, safely and efficiently", stated Ray M. Baker, M.D., Interventional Pain Specialist, Bellevue, Washington. "We are able to see more clearly in areas between high and low density and we are also able to see more clearly in patients who are large or where there is metal."

The OEC 9800 Plus combines new "smart" digital technology with GE's highest standard 1k x 1k mobile imaging technology to sharpen edge enhancement and detect metal in the imaging field. These features prove especially useful in pain management procedures where imaging dense anatomy of the lower lumbar spine is common and in orthopaedic procedures where metal implants are frequently used.

Millions of people around the world will undergo minimally invasive surgeries and interventions this year, many requiring mobile imaging. The popular technological predecessor to the OEC 9800 Plus is active in nearly 4000 hospitals and surgery centres around the world.

The OEC 9800 Plus features a new tungsten collimator and on-line preview display which allows physicians to preview the image before the next exposure, thereby lowering X-ray dose to the patient and physician. Its intelligent imaging optimises image quality when metal is introduced into the X-ray field and dynamically senses the collimator position to adjust the sampling window size.

Because the OEC 9800 Plus is a digital system, patients also benefit because their doctors are able to electronically transfer images to office workstations or other areas of the hospital for review and consultation, if needed. The new product is commercially available now.

GE Medical Systems is an $8 billion expert in medical imaging, interventional procedures, health care services, and information technology. Its offerings include networking and productivity tools, clinical information systems, patient monitoring systems, surgery and vascular imaging, conventional and digital X-ray, computed tomography, electron beam tomography, magnetic resonance, ultrasound and bone mineral densitometry, positron emission tomography, nuclear medicine, and a comprehensive portfolio of clinical and business services.

Leslie Versweyveld

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