Medical document processing less time-consuming with FASTRACK-CareCert solution

Schenectady 18 April 2002Trac Medical Solutions Inc., a subsidiary of AuthentiDate Holding Corporation, and FASTRACK Healthcare Systems Inc., a provider of Microsoft Windows-based software solutions to home health care providers, have forged a strategic alliance to dramatically slash the time-to-completion of medical forms by connecting Trac Medical's Web-based forms processing with FASTRACK software which automates accounting, billing, inventory and patient care, among other functions.


Under the agreement, FASTRACK will create an interface that enables data to be shared seamlessly between its software and Trac Medical's CareCert, a new, secure, Internet-based solution for processing Certificates of Medical Necessity (CMNs) and other medical forms on-line. CareCert enables participants in the patient care cycle to populate, route, review, digitally sign, and validate the content of electronic documents, all within the confines of a secure server.

The two companies also will work together to aggressively market this integrated solution to FASTRACK customers. Planned activities include joint demonstrations at industry events, direct mail campaigns, and integration of the offering into the product portfolio marketed by FASTRACK's direct sales force.

"Home medical equipment customers continually cite the CMN form as their number one hold up. These paper documents often take eight to ten weeks to complete and slow their collections", stated Spencer Kay, FASTRACK's president. "Through our collaboration with Trac Medical, the FASTRACK-CareCert solution will automate this process. Our clients believe this powerful innovation could reduce CMN completion time to as little as one week, and dramatically improve their productivity and cash flow."

FASTRACK, based in Plainview, New York, develops and markets software for home medical equipment (HME) and infusion providers, home care agencies and hospices. Its offerings help these organisations improve operational efficiency and address the day-to-day challenges of regulation, reimbursement, managed care, and competition. The company serves over 700 customers, including the Mayo Clinic, University of Michigan, Option Care, Caretenders, University of Texas, Lancaster General Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital and J.T. Mathers Hospital, among others.

Trac Medical's CareCert employs Internet and security technologies from AuthentiDate Inc., another subsidiary of AuthentiDate Holding Corporation, and other suppliers, all delivered through an Application Service Provider (ASP) model where the CMNs and other electronic forms reside on Trac Medical servers. These forms are accessed and completed by home care providers via a standard Web browser.

CareCert has been developed to be compliant with open standards and uses widely accepted Internet technologies, such as eXtensible Markup Language (XML), so that it can be integrated easily and inexpensively into a wide range of health care solutions. A critical component of the CareCert solution is AuthentiDate electronic content authentication technology, which virtually eliminates any possibility of altering forms without detection, thereby guarding against fraud and abuse. The CareCert solution was developed to meet new federal government regulations for security and privacy in handling health care information.

"AuthentiDate technology captures a document's DNA", Jeffrey Frankel, Trac Medical president and CEO explained. "It creates a totally unique mathematical signature for every version of a document, which makes it impossible to change without detection. So like DNA, it provides indisputable evidence of authenticity."

CareCert also uses a patent-pending process that provides access to specific sections of the CMN form only to parties authorised under Medicare laws to complete or change these sections. These capabilities were developed to meet new federal government HIPAA regulations.

Leslie Versweyveld

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