E-Ceptionist and TelBios partner to establish medical tele-consultation services across Europe and Africa

Milan 24 April 2002E-Ceptionist Inc. has signed an agreement with TelBios S.p.A., an Italian telemedicine and distance learning service provider, and will begin providing the E-Ceptionist Internet based appointment scheduling service to TelBios' network. E-Ceptionist allows TelBios' users to book medical tele-consultation and manage the e-health process between hospitals, general practitioners, nurses, and specialists.


In addition, E-Ceptionist will interface with TelBios' DICOM browsing equipment and the network scheduling system which is used to schedule communication resources including satellite and terrestrial bandwidth. TelBios will initially be serving hospitals in Italy, Albania, Romania, Tunesia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

"E-Ceptionist allows TelBios to connect a network of hospitals which are located throughout the world using a peer-to-peer service model", stated Dr. Andrea Mason, Chief Technology Officer of TelBios. "The service allows us to efficiently and affordably deliver the highest quality of care to the members of our network", added Dr. Alberto Golinelli, Chief Executive Officer.

TelBios S.p.A. manages a growing hospital network across Europe and Africa, connecting traditional hospital systems through an e-health platform. TelBios is a joint venture between Alenia Aerospazio Space Division and San Raffaele Biomedical Science Park. Alenia Aerospazio is the major Italian space technology company and San Raffaele's medical complex in Milan, Italy consists of a biomedical research facility and a medical university employing 3500 people.

E-Ceptionist Inc. is a privately held company located in Houston, Texas. The company owns and licenses the E-Ceptionist scheduling service. The service allows users such as administrators, doctors, patients, etc. to schedule health care appointments in real time over the Internet as well as to manage the health care process after the appointment occurs.

The service is secure and encrypted and the privacy of patient information is protected. E-Ceptionist's customers include WellPoint Health Networks Inc. on behalf of its affiliate, Blue Cross of California, the United States Military's TRICARE network, the High Plains Rural Health Network, Vitao Denmark A/S, and tds Dermatology Limited in the United Kingdom.

More information about E-Ceptionist is available in the VMW January 2002 article High Plains Rural Health Network starts using E-Ceptionist scheduling service.

Leslie Versweyveld

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