XyLoc MD offers hospital staff personalised and secure access to medical records and applications

Ann Arbor 07 May 2002Ensure Technologies, specialised in intelligent digital information security solutions, has showcased its XyLoc MD 3.0 product at the recent Towards an Electronic Patient Record (TEPR) Conference in Seattle. XyLoc MD was developed specifically for the health care industry, providing authorised health care workers with convenient, personalised access to hospital information and applications. XyLoc MD won the 2001 TEPR Award for Best Healthcare Security Solution and was a finalist for the same award this year.


"At Ensure, we have focused on creating security tools which overcome the biggest barrier of traditional security methods by actually improving user convenience", stated George Brostoff, president of Ensure. "XyLoc MD removes the burden of compliance with security policies from the user by allowing health care professionals to move freely from workstation to workstation, without the hassles of logging in or out. This frees doctors and nurses to focus on their patients, while helping health care organisations comply with their ethical and legal obligations to protect patient privacy at the same time."

XyLoc's authentication can be as easy as walking up to the computer, or as robust as requiring the user to input their name and password in addition to possessing the XyLoc MD KeyCard. Administrators have great flexibility in configuring two-factor authentication including the use of biometrics as one of those authentication options. Administrators can also specify when and how often two-factor authentication is required in order to achieve the appropriate balance between security and end user convenience for their organisation.

By providing continuous, convenient user authentication, XyLoc MD 3.0 automatically guards against unauthorised network access full time. At a hospital deploying XyLoc MD, health care professionals are recognised based on their proximity to department PCs. Users wear unique XyLoc Keys, worn in conjunction with their hospital ID badge, which communicate securely with proximity detection hardware and sophisticated software residing on each workstation. A computer is unlocked only after XyLoc has identified and authenticated a user.

With XyLoc's Single Sign On functionality, users need to wear their XyLoc KeyCard and remember only one password, and all of their applications and records will automatically appear. For maximum convenience, administrators can choose to grant access based solely on possession of the XyLoc KeyCard. In either case, however, as soon as the user walks away from the computer, XyLoc MD secures the machine and protects those applications until the user returns.

In instances where multiple authorised users are in the area, XyLoc MD allows the appropriate person to select his or her name from a list of detected users. Secured Kiosks allow multiple users to share a single network account, which results in fast yet secure access to the network and applications. XyLoc's Roaming System Access allows a health care practitioner to have her applications and records follow her from PC to PC as she does her rounds. The end result is a security solution that protects patient records without reducing the quality of patient care.

Leslie Versweyveld

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