Health care e-procurement platform takes shape in Europe through GHX/vamedis* partnership

Brussels 07 May 2002Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) Europe, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, has entered into an agreement with vamedis* AG. Both vamedis* and GHX Europe have been developing Internet-based trading exchanges enabling European hospitals and suppliers to conduct business together more efficiently through e-commerce. As a result of the agreement, vamedis*' suppliers will become members of GHX, expanding the range of suppliers and products available through GHX's e-procurement platform.


Under the terms of this agreement, the Munich, Germany-based vamedis* becomes a shareholder of GHX, with representation on the board of GHX, and GHX will acquire vamedis*' browser-based technology. In the next 90 days, GHX and vamedis* will contact existing vamedis* hospital customers, offering them the opportunity to switch to the GHX platform.

GHX Europe's members, in turn, will have access to vamedis*' top-of-the-line browser product which complements GHX's integrated solutions, as well as a breadth of products offered by vamedis* suppliers, including 3M Medical, B. Braun, Coloplast, Krauth Medical, Lohmann & Rauscher, Molnycke Health Care, and Paul Hartmann. vamedis* will continue to provide consulting services to the European hospital marketplace.

Mike Mahoney, CEO of GHX, stated: "This agreement is in the best interest of the European health care industry, providing greater efficiencies to the entire supply chain and a broader range of suppliers and products for providers."

Jurgen Timm, CEO of vamedis* AG, stressed the improvement to existing relationships: "Our agreement with GHX will have an especially positive impact on the German health care market, with numerous benefits for both vamedis*' and GHX' members. Through our efforts, we have now created the basis for the future of health care procurement in Europe, and we are excited about how our customers will benefit from this development."

GHX Europe recently launched two successful pilots in Europe at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust in Leeds, United Kingdom, and St. Johannes Hospital in Dortmund, Germany. Across the United States and Canada, various distributors, manufacturers, and hospitals are conducting e-commerce transactions through GHX's exchange platform.

As a neutral trading exchange open to all members of the health care supply chain, the Westminster, Colorado-based GHX has entered into a number of agreements and working relationships with other organisations, including Neoforma and AmeriNet, which are also focused on improving efficiencies in health care procurement.

vamedis* AG is the result of a merger between Glomedix and Vamedis*, two companies which made a name for themselves as providers of e-procurement solutions for the health care market. Behind vamedis* AG are seven renowned manufacturers of medical supplies, establishing the company as an international presence, with experience and competency in the health care industry.

vamedis* has been able to increase the impact of its solutions in the market significantly. The company links a large number of hospitals, suppliers and manufacturers. Customers have the benefit of vamedis*' extensive services and experience. The company's partners are backed by many years of solid business relationships and a thorough understanding of their customers' business transactions.

Global Healthcare Exchange LLC is an Internet-based trading exchange from which hospitals can purchase products more easily, quickly and accurately than ever before. GHX has built a normalised, verified industry-standard catalogue, which will take advantage of deep connectivity between GHX, hospitals, and suppliers to improve efficiencies and add value throughout the health care supply chain.

The privately held company was founded in March 2000 and its membership now includes hundreds of members, representing hospitals, integrated delivery networks (IDNs), manufacturers, General Practitioners Offices (GPOs), and distributors. Equity owners of GHX include Johnson & Johnson; GE Medical Systems; Baxter International Inc.; Abbott Laboratories; Medtronic Inc.; AmerisourceBergen Corporation; Becton, Dickinson & Co.; Boston Scientific Corporation; Cardinal Health Inc.; C.R. Bard Inc.; Fisher Scientific International Inc.; Guidant Corporation; McKesson Corporation; Siemens Medical Solutions; and Tyco International Ltd.

Leslie Versweyveld

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