Biometric fingerprint technologies and electronic signature to capture health care market

Lund, Redwood Shores 28 May 2002Precise Biometrics has established a partnership with the United States software provider nSuite Technologies. The agreement involves marketing and selling of nSuite's software PrivacyShell in combination with Precise Biometrics' fingerprint and smart card solutions. The companies will work together on new business opportunities within the health care market. In turn, Communication Intelligence Corporation (CIC), specialised in electronic signature, biometric verification, and natural input solutions and National Health Insurance Company (NHIC) have signed a licensing contract for Sign-it, CIC's biometric electronic signature software.


The partnership with Precise Biometrics means that nSuite will install secure authentication systems for customers, based on Precise Biometrics' technology to identify users. nSuite Technologies provides the health care sector with solutions for secure and quick access to information. The company's software can be integrated with Precise Biometrics' fingerprint readers.

Precise Biometrics is an innovative security company which supplies systems for authentication using fingerprints. The solutions offered by the company replace keys, PIN codes, and passwords. The company's products are cost-effective and provide security and comfort combined with top-class protection of personal integrity. The range of products includes systems for access control to computers and networks and for building into mobile and terminals, such as mobile phones and portable computers.

nSuite Technologies, headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, focuses in providing work flow solutions that are affordable, fast and dependable for the health care industry. The nSuite PrivacyShell software provides transparent authentication management which is inexpensive and easy to install and maintain. The nSuite PrivacyShell solution ensures that customers can improve the efficiency of the work flow throughout the organisation without strain to budget or resources.

As far as the Sign-it licensing contract is concerned, NHIC markets catastrophic health insurance products to the self-employed and small business communities via a national network of independent sales agents. Each agent uses a tablet PC type device containing a wide range of fully interactive selling tools, which enable the completion of all application and enrollment documents and forms electronically. Once completed, all documents will be signed using CIC's Sign-it software and e-mailed to NHIC's processing centre via the Internet.

"We designed the customer enrollment process to avoid complexities, improve accuracy, and reduce the overall enrollment times", stated J.D. Smith, Assistant Vice President, Information Systems, for NHIC. "By allowing the underwriting process to begin within hours of application completion, Sign-it delivers a tremendous short term Return On Investment by eliminating the turn around time of several days for paper based applications."

Based on underlying biometric information which is unique to each signature, Sign-it ensures that a signature cannot be forged or reproduced. Once signed, industry standard cryptography techniques are used to bind the signature and document content together so that any change to a previously signed document can be instantly detected, insuring the highest level of document integrity available today.

"With such a wide spread and diverse customer and agent base to satisfy, user acceptance and adoption are critical success factors for this highly visible, customer facing application", stated Jeff Sandler, CIC's Vice President of Worldwide Sales. "Because it is based on a handwritten signature, Sign-it is intuitively obvious, understood, and accepted by all, minimising costly training delays, programmes, and customer resistance."

The Sign-it family of products provides enterprise customers with a solution for secure electronic document approval and on-line transactions within a work flow environment for applications such as document approval, contract execution, and e-Commerce. The applications enable real time signature capture, verification, and binding of a signature to a document.

CIC's core software technologies include multi-lingual handwriting recognition systems, biometric signature verification, natural messaging, and operating system extensions that enable pen input. CIC's products are designed to increase the ease of use, functionality, and security of wireless electronic devices and e-business processes.

Leslie Versweyveld

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