InteGreat enhances Virtual Medical Record with Imaging module, rollout completed at Olmsted

Phoenix 10 May 2002InteGreat Inc. and Olmsted Medical Center, Rochester, Minnesota, have completed implementation of the first phase of InteGreat's Virtual Medical Record (VMR) system with over 120 clinicians, all supporting nursing staff, as well as patient accounting, quality services, and other support staff. In the meanwhile, InteGreat has also made available VMR:Imaging, an optional module for the Virtual Medical Record which gives clinicians access to images of patient documents via a Web browser.


Since going "live" on the VMR system, Olmsted has seen a dramatic reduction in the handling of paper charts within their 12-facility integrated health care delivery system. "We have just completed our six-month rollout plan, and we are already seeing measurable savings from our VMR system", stated Kevin Pitzer, chief administrative officer at Olmsted.

Non-appointment chart pulls have been reduced by as much as 50 percent in many of Olmsted's departments. Olmsted Medical Center already attributes improved job satisfaction and reduced costs for nursing staff to the installation of the InteGreat system. Nursing staff has seen a 50 percent reduction in the time they spend on non-clinical, chart management support activities, allowing them more time to interact with patients.

Olmsted Medical Center is an integrated, not-for-profit, medical services organisation consisting of multi-speciality and primary care clinics and a community hospital operating in southeastern Minnesota, with nearly 900 employees, including over 100 clinicians in Rochester and ten neighbouring communities and handles 450.000 patient visits per year.

InteGreat provides the first easy-to-use Virtual Medical Record software which enables physician group practices to reduce paperwork, provide improved patient care and gain a rapid return on investment. Using a single sign-on, clinicians can access the clinical data they need anytime and anywhere, regardless of where the data resides.

Incorporating imaging technology developed by MSF&W Software Inc., based in Springfield, Illinois, into their VMR system provides InteGreat's users with access to scanned documents like authorisation forms, insurance cards, referral authorisation letters, and anatomical drawings, by making them part of the patient's record.

With this feature, clinicians can:

  • access data from any PC using only a Web browser
  • add notes, highlights and bookmarks to the images
  • view, magnify, rotate, add sticky notes, and print images
  • route documents anywhere within their organisation

"With VMR:Imaging, clinicians can find and view any document or image in seconds using just a few mouse clicks, yet the images remain safe and secure", explained InteGreat CEO David Koeller. "One image can be viewed by dozens of people, at the same time, from anywhere. The savings in time and document routing are enormous." Given the modular design of the software, current and new VMR system users can easily incorporate VMR:Imaging into their systems.

Leslie Versweyveld

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