Toshiba awarded Veterans Administration contract to supply multi-slice CT scanner systems

Tustin 04 June 2002Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc. (TAMS) has been awarded a contract from the Veterans Administration National Acquisition Center (VANAC) to supply its multi-slice Aquilion, a powerful Computed Tomographyy scanner system, to the VA's 170 medical centres and other federal agencies worldwide. The agreement covers a one-year period and may be extended up to a total of five years. Under the terms of the contract, Veterans Administration facilities, as well as other federal hospitals, can purchase CT scanner systems directly from TAMS through the VANAC.


Five VA Medical Centers recently selected the Aquilion prior to this contract and systems are already installed in Nashville, Tennessee, and Long Beach and San Diego, California. Pending installations now under construction include Los Angeles, St. Louis, and the 375th Medical Group (USAF) at Yokota Air Force Base in Japan.

"The services provided to the veterans have taken on an increased importance in the world today, and Toshiba is honoured to be able to provide such advanced CT scanner technology to the health care organisation that serves them", stated Gerie Goodstone, director of Toshiba's Healthcare Business Development.

The Aquilion is considered the gold standard in CT technology for its many advanced features. This multi-slice scanner is the most powerful in the world, with a gantry capable of 0.5-second rotations coupled with the only detector able to acquire four, simultaneous 0.5 mm slices. The gantry also boasts the largest aperture at 72 cm, making it easier to scan patients of size.

Toshiba's MegaCool X-ray tube offers the industry's highest heat capacity at 7.5 MHU, as well as the fastest heat dissipation rate at 1.4 kHU per second. It allows for longer scan times at a higher resolution with no tube cooling delays. Ultimately, the MegaCool tube ensures optimal throughput and the ability to withstand a high volume of patient examinations on a daily basis.

On studies such as lung, brain and CT angiography (CTA), Toshiba's 0.5 mm isotropic resolution provides the best low-contrast resolution available today. The Aquilion can perform CTA with outstanding vessel detail, allowing clinicians to expand CT applications into cost-effective, non-invasive cardio and peripheral vascular imaging.

Due to the advancements in the speed of CT, and due to the unmatched power behind the Aquilion, an increased utilisation of CT is now possible in a wide variety of clinical applications, including the advanced needs of cardiology, trauma care, surgery, paediatrics, and oncology.

Including specific procedures such as calcium scoring and virtual colonoscopy, the Aquilion, when coupled with the Vital Images Vitrea Workstation, offers expanded applications ranging from CT angiography to cardiac scoring. The Aquilion multi-slice provides all DICOM services and is compatible with the VA's Vista RAD network and has been verified by Vista Imaging.

The Veterans Administration National Acquisition Center is a Veterans Administration agency that annually provides more than $2 billion of medical-related equipment and supplies to the nation's VA Medical Centers and other federal customers, such as Indian Health Service. The VANAC estimates that the yearly purchases of CT scanners will total more than $25 million.

Toshiba America Medical Systems markets, sells, distributes, and services diagnostic imaging systems, co-ordinates clinical diagnostic imaging research, and has responsibility for research and development for all modalities in the United States. Toshiba Corporation's Medical Systems Company is specialised in the development of medical imaging equipment, with a product line-up that includes CT, MRI, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, and both conventional and vascular X-ray systems.

Leslie Versweyveld

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