Freshly launched newsletter prepares hospital managers for HIPAA and e-Health implementation

Salt Lake City 12 June 2002Ingenix, an expert in health intelligence and decision-support tools, and the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), a membership organisation representing more than 31.000 health care financial managers, are releasing the HIPAA and e-Health for Facility Management newsletter.


The monthly newsletter is part of the two organisations' ongoing efforts to provide clear and practical guidance to financial managers at hospitals, clinic facilities, and health systems. Independent analysis and dependable guidance will provide a foundation for financial managers to make long-term, cost-saving decisions as their facilities implement and manage many of the provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

For most facilities, the implementation of current HIPAA provisions is both time-consuming and expensive, and requires decisions which ultimately must be made by financial decision-makers within the organisation. Because HIPAA has a broad impact across a wide variety of departments within facilities, careful financial planning during this process is critical to facilities' long-term success.

Each provision within HIPAA requires prudent planning and decision-making in order to properly implement a system in compliance with the new regulations. To date, facilities financial managers have had few, if any, resources to rely upon for such planning and implementation.

"If you are like many health care financial managers, you have much work ahead in preparing your organisation for HIPAA compliance", stated Richard Gundling, HFMA vice president. "HIPAA implementation and readiness requires a thorough understanding of each provision and how it affects your business at all levels from strategic to operational. This newsletter is an important resource for you to drill down to specifics of these complicated regulations."

HIPAA and e-Health for Facility Management provides an independent, objective analysis to help financial managers assess new technologies, understand how each provision may affect their facility and make informed decisions about implementation.

The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), founded in 1946, is the United States' personal membership organisation for more than 31.000 financial management professionals employed by hospitals, integrated delivery systems, long-term and ambulatory care facilities, managed care organisations, medical group practices, public accounting and consulting firms, insurance companies, government agencies, and other health care organisations.

One of the industry's largest health information companies, Ingenix provides products and services to a large, diverse customer base within the health care community. Organisations rely on its innovative and leading edge technology to improve the delivery and operations of their business. The company's publishing arm was formerly known as St. Anthony Publishing and Medicode.

Available immediately, the HIPAA and e-Health for Facility Management newsletter is $299,95 a year, with a 15 percent discount for HFMA members. More information is available at the HFMA Web site.

Leslie Versweyveld

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