Easy Web to introduce Elanza video-conferencing products into health care market

Closter 05 June 2002Telco-Technology Inc. has entered into a letter of intent with respect to its proposed acquisition of an 80 percent interest in Easy Web Communications Inc., a privately held corporation engaged in the marketing and sales of Internet appliances. Easy Web Communications is party to a definitive agreement with Elanza Technologies Inc., the supplier and original equipment manufacturer of the Elanza Webphone, Elanza Webpad, and the Elanza Web-VideoPhone. Under this agreement, Easy Web has the exclusive North American distribution rights for all three products within the health care market.


This market includes hospitals, physicians, medical and urgent care clinics, pharmaceutical companies, medical claims processing, and other medical applications. Additionally, Easy Web has non-exclusive distribution rights for all other markets. The proposed acquisition of Easy Web by Telco-Technology is subject to the execution of a definitive acquisition agreement and the completion of a private placement by Telco-Technology of up to $500.000.

The Elanza Webphone is a Microsoft Windows CE based Internet appliance representing the convergence of multiple technologies in one easy-to-use device. The Elanza Webphone integrates a personal mini-computer, telephone/speakerphone, fax modem, digital answering machine, VoIP technology, smart card and smart media reader, thin client terminology and Remote Desktop Protocol standards within a small, phone-sized footprint.

The Elanza Webpad, also a Windows CE enabled device, is a tablet PC with a soft keyboard and an embedded TV tuner offering wireless connectivity, optimised with a full 10,4" screen. The ElanzaWebpad is considered an incremental mobile device in the enterprise environment, complementing laptop PCs, pocket PCs and smart phones rather than replacing them. The operating characteristics include instant on and off, and a long battery life of 2,5 hours for Internet when operating wirelessly and 2 hours for TV.

The Elanza Web-Videophone, to be commercially available later in the year, represents a further converged improvement on the Elanza Webphone by offering a video-conferencing camera running on WIN CE NET 4.0. Using the Internet as a communications medium, this product is expected to be widely accepted for video-conferencing requirements by individuals, corporations, and other institutions. Elanza management believes the Elanza Web-Videophone will be the first WIN CE based video-conferencing technology. The Elanza Web-Videophone will provide total convergence for voice, data and video, and utilise a 10,4" display for improved clarity and resolution of the video images.

Easy Web has elected to primarily focus its resources on the introduction of the Elanza products into the health care industry enabling immediate communications between patients, physicians, and health care professionals. Easy Web intends to provide doctors, hospitals, clinics, and other medical professionals with the ability to process claims, provide medical record data collection and storage, address drug prescriptions, monitor and evaluate patients, and provide other health care related activities within the secure applications provided by Elanza's products.

Ronald J. Pion, M.D. is an Internet appliance and e-health pioneer as well as co-author of the book, Home Health Telecommunications, which addresses the business of caring for patients at home using modern telecommunication Internet technology. According to Dr. Pion, "the use of Internet appliances can become a bridge for patients, especially those who are homebound and disabled, to self-manage and maintain better health". Dr. Pion further commented: "The Elanza suite of products affords health care providers the ability to improve patient care and contain costs while at the same time facilitating awareness of the best medical practices."

Dr. Pion is currently the Chairman and CEO of Medical Telecommunications Associates Inc., a company which he founded in 1996 and which is a provider of advanced telecommunications services to health care markets nationwide. Easy Web Communications Inc. has recently been formed as an Internet appliance marketing and distribution company by Joel Feltenberger and Robert Thompson, both industry veterans. Telco-Technology Inc., inactive since 1999, is seeking to acquire privately held businesses within the telecommunications industry.

Leslie Versweyveld

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