Microvision and ViTel Net promote head-up hands-free Nomad Personal Display in hospital environment

Bothell 03 June 2002ViTel Net, a developer of telemedicine solutions, has signed a contract with Microvision Inc. to be a co-marketing partner and value added reseller for the Nomad Personal Display System. Both companies will collaborate on solutions which combine ViTel Net's Total Enterprise Telemedicine Solutions or wireless hospital information systems with Microvision's Nomad Personal Display System. Microvision has announced the signing of fifteen channel partners in the past ninety days.


The two partners have demonstrated examples to prospective customers at the American Telemedicine Association's Seventh Annual Meeting. Microvision estimates a potential available opportunity of 300.000 key hospital workers in the United States alone who would benefit from the combined Nomad/ViTel Net offering.

Founded in 1989, ViTel Net offers a full spectrum of scalable, customisable and Internet enabled telemedicine solutions, based on its MedVizer software application. MedVizer is a robust, open-architecture, cross-platform, windows operating system software environment that allows secured information sharing in a wide-array of settings.

Scalable hardware and software configurations are easily customised to meet specific clinical needs. ViTel Net's telemedicine solutions are compatible with standard telecommunication protocols including wireless, POTS, ISDN, T-1, satellite, etc., are medical device neutral, and integrate with most legacy information systems.

Both Microvision and ViTelNet have contracts with the United States Army's Wireless Medical Enterprise Programme's Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) for the initial phase in the development of a mobile wireless system for medical applications. Microvision recently announced a $3.3 million development contract from TATRC for the development of a new personal display to enable military surgical personnel and medics to access, read, and transmit critical medical data via a head-worn display, wearable computer, and wireless network.

"This co-marketing partnership gives Microvision access to the growing telemedicine market with our Nomad system", stated David Ormerod, Microvision's medical segment manager. "As part of our on-going strategy to develop a successful distribution channel and add partners with keen insight to diverse markets, we believe the Nomad System will excel in hospital environments where a physician needs continuous access to information in a hands-free and see-through mode, including patient monitored information and diagnostic images."

Based on Microvision's patented retinal scanning technology, the recently introduced Nomad display system is a high-resolution headworn display which presents images and information to the user in a see-through or "head-up" mode. This unique personal display will enable head-up, hands-free access to information such as diagrams, instrumentation, maintenance records, moving maps, and interactive training manuals.

The Nomad display features full daylight-readability, allowing users to view high contrast images in even the most challenging ambient lighting conditions. High quality, Super VGA resolution makes the Nomad immediately compatible with a broad range of existing applications and content.

By enabling users to merge selected electronic images into their natural field of vision, the Nomad Personal Display System can bring critical information to the point of task. From flight lines to factory floors, surgical suites, and more, systems utilising the Nomad display can deliver major improvements in productivity, quality and safety for virtually any type of manual task. The company is targeting applications for workers in four vertical markets, being industrial, aerospace, medical, and military, which enable customers to keep information in front of people engaged in manual tasks or on the move.

Microvision Inc. is specialised in micro miniature optical scanning technology for display and imaging applications. The company's technology has applications in a broad range of military, medical, industrial, professional and consumer information products. More information is available in the VMW January 2002 article US Army contracts Microvision to develop wireless head-worn mobile display for medical applications.

Leslie Versweyveld

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