Walker Group makes home health monitoring first target market for PenFlow powered biometric signature

White Plains 20 June 2002Security Biometrics Inc. has signed a Vertical Distribution Agreement with the Walker Group to market and distribute its biometric signature authentication solutions powered by PenFlow to specific vertical markets in North America. The Walker Group will be focusing on several vertical markets, the first being to provide Medical Secure, a biometric signature authorisation and document access control solution for P2P Health Systems, an in home health monitoring system.


P2P Health Systems Inc. is a rapidly growing technology firm specialising in telehealth and telemedicine solutions. Combining the latest in cutting-edge video-conferencing technology, P2P is extending a comprehensive and care-intensive health care solution into the homes, communities, doctors' offices, hospitals, and the workplaces of health care patients across the globe. Bert Loveless, P2P's Chief Executive Officer, stated: "We are now able to provide the PenFlow biometrics security solution to our health service providers, to ensure that only authorised medial personnel performs health monitoring tasks and has access to patient records."

Penflow is a communication infrastructure which allows any individual to be authenticated via a handwritten signature. Complying with Digital Signature Laws requirements, a signature can be appended to any digital data in a non-reversible way and considered legally binding. In the e-business market particularly and in the management of work flow, there is a worldwide need for an acceptable, reliable and efficient system for personal authentication that minimises risks and maximises financial and commercial activities.

PenFlow target users for the system would be law firms, insurance companies, accountants, car dealers, data base security and access providers, credit unions, S&L's, on-line mortgage, banking and loan institutions, pharmacies, inventory control, and any time you need to verify a person's identity and certify it with a legally binding signature.

Security Biometrics Inc. develops, markets, and distributes WonderNet's biometric signature authentication solutions powered by Penflow. The system is based on inherent proprietary patents which validate a signature in a quick, non-invasive and highly accurate manner. The Penflow authentication engine views the signing process as a series of movements performed in a continuous, consistent, and sequential process.

WonderNet Ltd. has developed a new and unique algorithm that allows signature authentication by monitoring human hand movements instead of the final image. The authentication is performed employing parameters such as pen speed, acceleration pressure, and directional vectors. The proprietary algorithm enables the signature profile, and not its image, to be matched automatically. The algorithm contains learning elements so that all the natural changes in a signature are continuously updated into the learning profile which is on an average, less than 1KB.

Penflow technology is mature and proven. Penflow requires no special computer knowledge or training, and is "as simple to apply as signing your name". An off-the-shelf product, Penflow is endorsed by financial, military, industrial, and legal institutions. Dynamic signature verification replaces or complements a personal identification number, passwords, hardware devices such as magnetic or SIM cards or keys as a means for identity verification.

Leslie Versweyveld

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