TelBios to license RealTimeImage's iPACS for worldwide medical tele-consultations

Milan 27 June 2002RealTimeImage, the international innovator of Internet-based medical image streaming technology, has signed a licensing agreement with the Italian company TelBios S.p.A., a telemedicine and distance learning service provider, for the use of RealTime's iPACS technology in its worldwide medical communications network. With the addition of iPACS, TelBios offers customers a complete virtual diagnostic consultation service, which allows physicians in remote locations to view medical images over the Internet in the same quality and resolution as the originals in real time.


TelBios also will integrate iPACS in the independent telemedicine and remote image communications systems it develops for medical institutions worldwide, with particular emphasis on the hospitals connected in the TelBios network. "TelBios provides medical communications throughout the world, often in locations that lack the high-bandwidth infrastructure required by other remote image communications solutions", stated Fabio Duchini, Marketing Manager for TelBios. "RealTimeImage iPACS will enable us to take advantage of existing connections and facilitate the delivery of high-quality medical diagnosis wherever it is needed."

A Web-based DICOM gateway, iPACS technology provides access to lossless diagnostic quality images over any bandwidth, from simple dial-up connections to fast LAN networks. Images require no time-consuming pre-processing or intermediate storage. Using iPACS, authorised users have immediate access to diagnostic quality images anywhere in the world 24/7 with an ordinary PC and any Internet connection.

iPACS technology is currently available in five products. These include Streaming Module Interface (SMI) for integration into OEM products, iPACS Vue combining streaming technology and a DICOM viewer into a more comprehensive solution such as an electronic medical record or radiology information system (RIS), and iPACS Enterprise which is a stand-alone Web server solution. Also available are iPACS PRISM, which complements the iPACS Web server with short-term storage for facilities without digital archives, enabling full digital work flow. For those with multiple images archives or streaming servers, Mega iPACS combines full streaming capabilities and advanced data integration from all archives into a single logical view.

Commenting on the new agreement with TelBios, Gene Rubel, vice president of medical imaging for RealTimeImage, stated: "We are delighted to form a relationship with TelBios, which shares our commitment to use technology in new and creative ways to improve the quality of medical care."

RealTimeImage is an innovator of Internet-based imaging products and services for the Graphic Arts and Medical Communities. Pixels-On-Demand, the signature streaming technology developed by RealTimeImage, delivers extremely large images losslessly over the Internet. Founded in 1996, RealTimeImage is headquartered in San Bruno, California with worldwide operations located throughout Europe and Asia.

TelBios S.p.A. manages a growing hospital network across Europe and Africa, connecting traditional hospital systems through an e-health platform. TelBios is a joint venture between Alenia Aerospazio Space Division, a major Italian space technology company, and San Raffaele Biomedical Science Park, a medical complex in Milan, Italy consisting of a biomedical research facility and medical university employing 3500 people. More TelBios news is available in the VMW May 2002 article E-Ceptionist and TelBios partner to establish medical tele-consultation services across Europe and Africa.

Leslie Versweyveld

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