Matria and Healthplan Southeast to sign contract for obstetrical disease management programme

Marietta 05 June 2002Matria Healthcare Inc. and Healthplan Southeast have reached an agreement for Matria to provide comprehensive obstetrical disease management services for Healthplan Southeast members. The agreement spans the entire Healthplan Southeast membership in the State of Florida and utilises all components of Matria's proprietary disease management system, TRAX. The TRAX technology platform allows for seamless data integration and connectivity and secure data access between the Healthplan Southeast case managers, the participants in the programme, the physicians, and Matria's clinical and administrative staff.


The system provides on-line assessment, education, case management, and outcomes reporting. Through the agreement, physicians also have access to Matria's cost-effective outpatient clinical services for management of complicated pregnancies instead of costly hospitalisation. To further support physicians and patients and reduce hospital admissions, pregnant members have access to a Matria obstetrical nurse through BabyLine, Matria's 24/7 information line.

In this comprehensive obstetrical disease management programme, Matria will provide its obstetrical notification process to assist the health plan in identifying each pregnant member early enough in her gestation to fully benefit from and engage in the programme. For those members who are identified with risks, Matria will assign case management services and report to the health plan and provider as the patient moves through her specific care plan.

Parker H. Petit, Matria's Chairman, President and CEO, commented: "I am very pleased that our Women's Health Division has signed its first contract utilising its disease management model. As more enlightened health plans, such as Healthplan Southeast, recognise the advantages of our TRAX technology and the improved outcomes from our disease and case management, we expect to see more contracts being awarded to our Women's Health Division."

Linda Vetter, Vice President of Medical Services/QI/Compliance for Healthplan Southeast, stated: "Complications of pregnancy have led to a dramatic increase in our hospitalisation costs, especially in the areas of Emergency Room visits, Triage and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. We are very excited about implementing Matria's Obstetrical Disease Management Programme."

We can now enter our members into a programme early within their pregnancy and uncover those who are at risk for poor outcomes timely enough to implement interventions to improve the birth outcome and substantially reduce the potential costs. Matria's integrated case management system will also be a tremendous addition for our members and should also reduce the high volume of visits to the hospital", Mrs. Vetter explained.

Robert J. Mentzer, President of Matria's Women's Health Division, added: "Year after year, our programmes have produced unmatched results for the more than 1000 obstetrical services contracts we have with health plans. In addition, Managed Care Magazine reported in its November 2001 edition that the use of telemedicine obstetrical services on the appropriate patients is a cost-effective tool in improving birth outcomes and reducing antenatal and neonatal costs. This peer-reviewed study Telemedicine: Cost-Effective Management of High-Risk Pregnancy, reported average maternal and child expense savings of $14.459 per pregnancy for each high-risk pregnancy utilising telemedicine services."

Matria continually assists our physician, health plan and employer partners reduce the hospitalisations of the mother and the number of devastating birth outcomes which subsequently decreases the costs associated with prematurity. With our disease management approach to managing obstetrical conditions, we will not only improve the access to care for the appropriate patients, but also reach more of the patients who will greatly benefit from our services. In addition, with hospital and neonatal intensive care unit charges related to premature birth averaging more than $2000 per day nationwide, reducing hospital stays produces dramatic savings for our participating health plans", stated Mr. Mentzer.

Matria is a provider of comprehensive disease management programmes to health plans and employers for women's health and the chronic conditions of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and respiratory disorders. Headquartered in Georgia, Matria has more than 40 offices in the United States and internationally. More news on Matria is available in the VMW March 2001 article Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey to embrace Matria's diabetes engagement model.

Leslie Versweyveld

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