Aptilon Health's ReachNet e-markets medical services to MedLink's physician subscribers

San Diego 04 June 2002MedLink Corporation, producer and electronic publisher of clinical information services for physicians, has signed a two-year agreement with Aptilon Health. This agreement makes MedLink one of the newest Aptilon Health ReachNet partners. The ReachNet is a network including health-related Web sites which serves as a channel for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies to effectively and quickly recruit health professionals for integrated e-marketing programmes that drive sales.


Aptilon's client base consists of some of the world's leading medical service companies, including seven of the top ten pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Through this agreement, MedLink's Exclusive Gateway service will provide Aptilon's clients with access to MedLink's global network of physician subscribers, enabling Aptilon to engage these physicians in targeted educational and promotional campaigns on behalf of its clients in the medical service industry.

Through MedLink, Aptilon is able to present educational information about its clients' products when the information is most meaningful, while physicians are actively seeking knowledge. "Subscribers access our information services while they are formulating treatment and diagnostic solutions for their patients", Daniel Nagel, president and chief operating officer of MedLink, stated. "This partnership is allowing us to put useful product information right at physicians' fingertips when these decisions are being made."

MedLink's Exclusive Gateway gives medical service companies a direct channel to physicians who subscribe to MedLink Neurology, MedLink's flagship service. Through the Gateway, medical service companies gain exclusive control over the electronic messages physicians receive when they log in to MedLink. In addition, the Gateway allows the companies to target their messages to individuals or to specific groups of physicians.

"Companies such as Aptilon use MedLink's Exclusive Gateway for marketing and market research purposes", Mr. Nagel explained. "The Gateway allows for a variety of techniques which include simple statements of sponsorship, presentation of electronic surveys, or prompts for interactive product detailing sessions."

"Aptilon is very judicious when selecting ReachNet partners, and it was clear that a partnership with MedLink would offer significant benefits to our pharmaceutical clients and end-user health professionals", stated Mark Benthin, executive vice president and co-founder, Aptilon Health. "MedLink's services deliver a unique channel to an entirely new network of clinical physicians who are on-line and engaged. MedLink is a trusted source of information that links Aptilon Health and our clients to a community where educational and promotional material is highly effective and beneficial to the end-user."

MedLink Neurology, available by subscription on-line and on CD, currently has a subscriber base of approximately 2000 neurologists from more than 100 countries, representing more than 10 percent of clinically active neurologists worldwide. MedLink satisfies the clinical information needs of most neurologists, which reduces their time spent reading and interpreting primary research reports. The rapidly expanding MedLink Neurology content library currently contains more than 1000 full-text clinical summaries, 1500 illustrations including 140 video clips, 140 patient handouts, and abstracts of cited references. MedLink owns and possesses the copyright to the entire content library.

MedLink is the only provider of a fee-based information resource that integrates branded product information into clinically relevant content. To maintain the integrity of MedLink Neurology's clinical content, MedLink's authors and editors have complete editorial independence and are not informed in advance about when or where branded product information may appear. MedLink's international team of more than 400 physicians, under the guidance of a distinguished editorial board, continually maintains the content library, using MedLink's proprietary publishing technology.

The contract with Aptilon is the second alliance MedLink has formed this year after announcing in April a one-year marketing agreement with Athena Diagnostics Inc. MedLink Corporation produces continually maintained, high-end, clinical reference information available by fee-based access on-line and off-line on quarterly CDs. Physicians rely on MedLink's copyright-protected content to reduce the risk of omissions and enhance the quality of patient care.

MedLink leverages this exclusive channel of paying physicians to pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics, and other medical service companies as a highly effective tool for repetitively engaging the attention of physicians with proven power for promoting health-related products and services in relevant clinical context. MedLink was founded in 1990, and launched the CD-ROM version of its flagship service, MedLink Neurology, in 1996. The company introduced the on-line version in 2000.

Aptilon is a provider of e-marketing solutions specifically designed to meet the unique needs of today's rapidly evolving pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Through the Aptilon Health ReachNet, a network of affiliated, popular health Web sites, databases, and e-mail lists that provide access to more than one million health professionals worldwide, Aptilon provides marketers in pharmaceutical and biotech companies with comprehensive and fast reach to health professionals and consumers wherever they may be on-line.

On the ReachNet, Aptilon's proprietary targeting and personalisation technology ensures that the right health professional or consumer is exposed to the right e-detailing, sampling, market research, and/or advertising. These elements, coupled with segmentation and analytics capabilities, as well as deep e-health expertise, allow Aptilon to implement e-marketing programmes that are in tune with product life cycles and anticipate market dynamics.

Aptilon Health, since 1995, has developed interactive multimedia products and e-marketing programmes for companies ranging from start-ups to large enterprises. With offices in Montréal, Atlanta, Raleigh, and Amsterdam, the company has a global client list and has run programmes in North America and Europe.

Leslie Versweyveld

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