LifeScore's 3D Health Programme to focus on preventive medicine

La Jolla 30 May 2002LifeScore, a preventive medicine and imaging centre, has unveiled an innovative health care programme which involves patient, doctor, and medical technology in a new preventive health care relationship. The new 3D programme stands for Discover, Design, and Do: patients take advantage of new technology to discover the earliest stages of possible disease, consult with both physician and clinic to design preventive care programmes, and then do what is necessary to manage their health.


"This completes the three dimensional health care triangle, involving the physician, the informed patient, and advanced medical technology", stated Dr. Michael Wright, CEO and chief medical officer of LifeScore. "Rapid advances in technology have led to patients demanding a bigger role in their own health care. Our 3D Health Programme accommodates that demand while respecting the crucial role physicians play in patients' health care decisions."

Physicians who enroll in the programme learn about preventive imaging and assessment services offered by LifeScore. Enrolled physicians can then refer their patients to LifeScore for heart scans, lung scans, virtual colonoscopies, and other services. Patients arrange for the appropriate testing and return to their physician for evaluation of the results, consultation, and a plan of action. Dr. Wright noted that the new programme is already helping to bring a new dimension to preventive health care.

"The fact is that doctors are overwhelmed, busy, and usually not prepared to view these reports when a patient walks in the door", stated Dr. Wright. "So, by working closely with the physician, we found the doctor becomes knowledgeable, provides feedback, and translates the report into a plan of action with the patient."

Dr. Wright believes it is a model that offers greater benefits for consumers and has the potential to impact how health care is delivered throughout the country. Dr. Wright is convinced that patients will benefit from excellent screening, ongoing care from physicians, and an improved doctor-patient relationship. Ultimately, such a programme will save lives by identifying and treating the early, most curable stages of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

LifeScore describes response to the programme as "overwhelmingly positive", with enrollment running well ahead of initial projections. "Physicians have been very receptive to integrating the success of this programme into their practices", stated Dr. Wright. "We are well on our way to meeting our goal, which is to enroll 50 to 100 physicians in the 3D Health Programme within the first six months."

Founded in October 1999, LifeScore has become a leading preventive medicine and imaging company, and has served more than 8000 clients from around the world. LifeScore offers comprehensive, preventive health care management which encompasses full-body diagnostic imaging, lab tests, lifestyle evaluation, lifestyle modification, and periodic re-evaluations. LifeScore's mission is to enhance the quality and length of life through early disease detection and programmes for prevention.

Leslie Versweyveld

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