French National Medical Association Council selects Nokia IP network security appliances to protect Intranet access

Espoo 11 July 2002The National Council of the Medical Association, an important component of the French health system, has successfully deployed Nokia IP network security appliances internationally from its head office in Paris. The Nokia appliances combine software from global partner Check Point Software Technologies. The centralised project aims to protect access to its Intranet, which acts as the Council's key data processing tool.


The network includes 130 sites of varying complexity, ranging from a single workstation up to a local network of almost 20 workstations. As the Intranet enables access to all the Council's data processing applications, the Council required this access to be reliable and secure.

Two redundant high-end Nokia IP650 network appliances, pre-installed with market-leading VPN-1/FireWall-1 software from Check Point Software Technologies, were successfully deployed. Installation was simple and quick, as the Nokia IP network security appliances are supplied already integrated, pre-configured and tested, and offer an integrated management tool, Nokia Voyager, which has a user-friendly user interface. Easy and rapid set-up meant that the Council was able to ensure that its applications were Intranet-accessible for its county and regional users in a short period of time.

The reliability of the Nokia solution was a deciding factor for the Council. "The Intranet carries a substantial amount of traffic on a 24-hour basis and it was essential for the security solution to be perfectly reliable. The Nokia solution met our stringent requirements", explained Mr. Patrick Aucher, Information System Manager from the National Council of the Medical Association.

Mr. Aucher added: "The Nokia operating system, IPSO, is similar to Unix, and our data processing service had Unix skills. Using the appliances was all the more easy, as we didn't need to use valuable resources retraining our staff. In addition, the Nokia Patented IP Clustering technology designed for network high availability was very impressive and the return on investment of the Nokia IP network security appliances also impressed us tremendously, along with the service from their specialist integrator, Axipe", noted Mr. Aucher. "Axipe organised a dedicated security team for the project."

The Nokia solution is scalable for current and future traffic. New projects include connecting the Council permanently to the 360 existing French pharmaceutical laboratories, thereby significantly increasing Intranet throughput.

"Nokia takes security very seriously. It is our aim to provide seamless, scalable and secure solutions to all types of organisations worldwide. The cost versus return ratio is also priority to us for customer satisfaction. Using Nokia security solutions as the backbone of IT security policy provides a very high return on investment", stated Ernie Jones, Vice President Sales EMEA, Nokia Internet Communications.

The Council of the Medical Association (CNOM) is a private body with a public service remit, with a multi-tiered structure of local councils per county, regional councils and a national council in Paris. It has three main objectives. As a legal court, it rules on disputes between doctors and between doctors and patients. The Council additionally manages the national register of doctors with 220.000 doctors registered, 180.000 of whom are active. The Council also fulfils the role of consultative body with, for example, the National Assembly and the Senate during discussions on bills and the General Directorate for Health on a large number of French health-related concerns.

Axipe is a specialist in the IT security market, enabling national and international companies to conduct secure communications and e-commerce transactions via private and public networks. Axipe offers a broad range of security products and services from leading manufacturers which include applications such as firewall systems, PKI, virus protection, authentication, content security, VPN, intrusion detection, and security administration. Spectrum services range from consulting, risk analysis and security concepts to implementation and system integration as well as technical support contracts.

Nokia Internet Communications, headquartered in Mountain View, California, provides world-class network security, Virtual Private Network and Internet traffic and content management solutions which ensure the security and reliability of corporate enterprise and managed service provider networks. Nokia is committed to enhancing the end user experience by bringing a new level of security and reliability to the network, enabling an Internet transaction that is personal and trusted each and every time.

Leslie Versweyveld

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